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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Saving Face" Seattle Contemporay Art Show!

"Saving Face" A Master Carver, A Sculptor, A Ceramicist and A Contemporary Urban Painter "save face" in their respective crafts.

Artist Reception: Saturday, October 4 from 6-9pm at Bherd Studios.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Don't miss out on dreXel's limited edition Urban Art Tshirt!

dreXeL, one of Bherd's featured artists, has come out with her very first limited edition print tshirt and it's available starting TONIGHT for two weeks. These shirts are really soft and have her artwork on the front, limited edition print number, her logo and a quote from her on the back. On September 30th you'll no longer be able to get the "Smack is a Vampire" shirt. So go get yourself lots of them! Go to tastytshirt.com to see the designs, tshirt styles and all the details.

To see more of her work visit: iamdrexel.com

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Seattle Urban Art Mural on 23rd & Dearborn

So this is the mural that I did for Pb Elemental on 23rd & Dearborn. It is right next to Parnells Mini Mart. Last week I put the final clear coat on and today I stenciled in my signature. Also in the works is a documentary about the project. I was fortunate to find Aaron Last at a time when he wasn't busy and was able to help out in creating this documentary.

Here is front side of the foundation that faces the street.

This mural was a real eye opener for me. This is the biggest project that I have worked on and it taught me a handful of things. The biggest thing that it taught me, or should I say it showed me, was that art creates dialogue and that dialogue creates communication. And that is what I was hoping to catch with the theme of this painting.

Title: Communication of Ideas
Size: 12' x 20'
Medium: Spray paint and acrylics on cement


Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Work by John Osgood: Seattle Urban Contemporary Artist

I've been on a tear lately with new work. Below are some pieces that are at currently at LoFi for the 2nd Anniversary Show for Artifakt.

"Waiting" by John Osgood
23" x 48" dye cut
acrylic & spray on wood

"The Meet & Greet" by John Osgood
(2) 23" x 46" dye cut
acrylic & spray on wood

"Fine Print" by John Osgood
24" x 30"
acrylic & spray on canvas

"Um, Excuse Me" by John Osgood
30" x 24"
acrylic & spray on canvas

"A Little Bit of Tank With My Coffee" by John Osgood
30" x 24"
acrylic & spray on canvas

"Exposed Heart #1" by John Osgood
12" x 12" framed
acrylic on canvas

"Exposed Heart #2" by John Osgood
14" x 14" framed
acrylic on wood

Bherd Studios

Friday, September 12, 2008

Call to Artists: Red White & Pie at Blank Space Gallery

Red White & Pie
All are Welcome opening October 2nd
exhibition closes on October 16th

Red White and Pie will be the political art event of the season. This exhibit will feature a wide range of graphic political art. There will be prints on display by Shepard Fairey, the designer known for the Obey campaign. Red White and Pie embodies the philosophy that designers have a responsibility to create meaningful communication. It also features a whopping amount of fresh baked pie— because not everyone likes politics. Everyone loves pie.

To encourage participation, free slices of pie will be awarded to individuals who show their voter registration card, register to vote, or give a 30 second sound bite as to why they do not intend on voting in the election this November 4th. Ritee Parikh, a representative from American Civil Liberties Union of Washington (ACLU), will be assisting with online voter registration at the opening event. October 4th is the last day for Washington voters to register to vote in November.

We are very pleased to have the ACLU of Washington take part in this event, helping people register to vote during the opening reception. This mix of the provocative and the delicious is just what the electorate craves during the race to the White House. In addition, the ACLU of Washington's Voting Rights Restoration project (http://www.aclu-wa.org/issues/index.cfm?issue_id=12) will provide information and encourage people to take action at the opening event. The ACLU opposes efforts that unfairly take away voting rights, and is focusing on reforming laws that deny people the right to vote in Washington state simply because they owe money on legal-system debts. The American Civil Liberties Union is the foremost defender of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

We welcome all pie donations, pie drop-off is from September 30th until October 2nd.

Blank Space is accepting political graphic submissions of all mediums until September 19th.

Special thanks to the ACLU of Washington!

Please contact blankspace.seattle@gmail.com

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Diptych Painting

This is my newest painting which I have titled, "The Meet & Greet". (2) 24" x 46", Acrylic & Spray on Wood. The black in the background is whatever the wall behind would look like. I invite you, on Sept. 12th, 9pm, to come and take a look at this new painting and the rest of my new paintings at the LoFi for Artifakts 2 year anniversary. Also that night I will be doing a live painting. There will be a couple of other people painting as well. The LoFi is located a couple blocks North of REI on Eastlake, right off of I-5. It should be a pretty cool night and I hope everyone can make it. I'll see you there.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Suite 100 Gallery - Urban Contemporary Exhibit for September

artifacts by pioneers of american steampunk

Showing from September 12th thru October 3rd
Opening reception September, 12th, 6:00PM - 10:00PM

Featuring Datamancer, David S. Dowling, Eliza Gauger, Jake von Slatt, Libby Bulloff, Magpie Killjoy, missmonster, Molly "Porkshanks" Friedrich, Molly Mitchell, Quentin Ziplash, Rachel "Ratchet" Olson, Steven Archer, Suzanne Rachel Forbes

Marrying narrative and nostalgia to design and technology, these aritsts imagine the triumphs of the past overriding the failures of the present to create from the ruins and detritus a dazzling future-perfect.

For more info go to Suite 100 Gallery.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cash - Seattle Urban Graffiti Artist

"Heartless" by Cash
10" X 8"
acrylic on canvas

Cash is 20 year old artist currently living in Bonney Lake, WA. He has been painting since his junior year in high school, and hasn't put down the brush since. In late 2006, Cash started to experiment with spray paint, and almost immediately began practicing in tunnels and under bridges. The subject of the series for the "Spray It, Don't Say It" show at Bherd Studios is vintage spray paint cans produced from the 1960's - 1980's. This collection of paintings is a tribute to the founding fathers of graffiti and the spray paint companies that have made street art possible.

Bherd Studios

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kim McCarthy a.k.a Soule: Seattle Urban Stencil Artist

"Gliterati" by Soule
36" x 36"
acrylic, spray, ink & gel on canvas

We can't say enough good things about this woman. Soule not only curated the "Spray It, Don't Say It" show, but she is also a fabulous urban contemporary/stencil artist and one to be on the lookout for. She has been featured in the recent "Stencil Nation" book highlighting the best of the best stencil/street artists nationwide. She has been in shows across the US including New York and we at Bherd Studios feel fortunate to have met her and worked with her the last year and a half. On top of all her accomplishments, she is a kick-ass person with lots of integrity and what apprears to be endless energy.

Bherd Studios
Wed-Fri: 12pm - 6pm or by appointment by calling (206) 234-8348.