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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Halogen Gallery: August 14th Opening

I just wanted to share a couple of new pieces that I am showing at Halogen Gallery in August...

"Westside Spock"
16" x 12"
Acrylic and Aerosol on Canvas

"Trying Not to Stare"
14" x 18"
Acrylic and Aerosol on Canvas

John O.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Portland Artists Vaquero & Jeremy Nichols: Catch 'em while you can!

We currently have two Portland artists in our 3 gallery collab show "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" exhibition. The show continues through Friday, July 31st, so you have another week to catch the show before these pieces go back down to Portland.

"Valley Floaters" by Jeremy Nichols
25" x 25"
Mixed Media on Panel

Jeremy Nichols
Portland, OR
Jeremy Nichols (Raskoe) holds a B.F.A. in printmaking from The Ohio State University. His interest in graffiti and skateboarding brought him into the art world. Originally born in Tokyo, Japan, the artist now resides in Portland, Oregon where he is a freelance artist/designer.

In his artwork, he tries to show the near future of environments, space, humans, and animals as well as their attachment to material, and technological advances in their quest to achieve fulfillment through their artificial reality. He also tries to express the figure’s psychological and sociological interactions with in their environment in a surreal manner. The figures in his images demonstrate their own search for clarity, direction, or even one’s self, yet often tend to follow the leader as they float in space.

"Life Aquatica" by Jeremy Nichols
25" x 25"
Mixed Media on Panel

"Worms" by Jeremy Nichols
25" x 19.25"
Mixed Media on Panel

Stephen “Vaquero” Williams
Portland, OR
Born in Sacramento California, Stephen V. Williams is a self taught artist who explores the world of graffiti, surrealism, and sci-fi. Stephen's current abode is Portland, Oregon, where he spends his days making music and art.

In his youth, he began exploring his inner world through comic book illustrations, focusing mostly on villains. His work often blurs the line between subtle dreamscapes and nightmarish imagery, leading his viewers on a journey into the subconscious chaos of reveries. Organic, mystic, solemn, vibrant, and alive, his art resonates within the deepest notions of what it means to be human.

"The Extractor" by Stephen "Vaquero" Williams
15.25" x 12.25"
Prismacolor on bristol paper

"Totem" by Stephen "Vaquero" Williams
15" x 6'
Acrylic on Wood

"Sea Totem" by Stephen "Vaquero" Williams
12" x 6"
Acrylic on canvas

Our gallery is open Wed - Fri from 12pm - 6pm and by appointment by calling (206) 234-8348.

Don't forget that we are also having a promotion where you can win a free piece of artwork. For more information visit our website.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sneek Peek for Urban Decay, August 14th

Here's a new piece that I'll be showing for the "Urban Decay" Exhibit starting August 14th.

12" x 12"
Acrylic & Spray on Canvas

"Urban Decay" is curated by local graffiti/stencil artist Soule. This is her 2nd curatorial show with us and we're very excited as she has put a great line-up together including: Patrick aka Avive, Paper Monster, Koleszar, Aaron Kraten and many more. For more info check out our Upcoming Events page.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sneak Peek on "Cut It Out" | Blank Space Gallery Aug 7th Show


2' x 7'5"

Acrylic & Spray on Wood


This picture and detail of picture is one of my newest paintings that I am going to exhibiting at Blank Space Gallery in Pioneer Square (619 Western Building). The piece is called "Difference". The differences in people, who are percieved to be the same, let them shine and be their own person. If you look you will find the differences, if you think you are looking at the same thing over and over, maybe you are just not looking.
Also, if you have a minute, Blank Space Gallery did an artist interview with me about this upcoming show that you can check out by visiting: Here!

The show is part of 1st Thursday in August. I hope you'll stop by and say hello.
John O.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Greenwood Collective Art Up Photo Recap

Last night was the Art Up G-P art walk and The Greenwood Collective was in full force last night. Thought you all would enjoy our photo recap of the event.

Shaina (who is co-curator for the Artoleptic event) brought the goods to Brand Vibes. Here's a front & back view of a piece by Solace:

Hanging out in Brand Vibes:

More artwork in the BV space...

David Francis' piece "Avian Ossuary" as part of Bherd Studios "The Bad" exhibit. This piece is very visually stimulating, you really have to see it in person to get the full effect. People were drawn to it last night.

side view:

Kevin "Sensei23" kicking it in front of his artwork...

John was totally jealous of Kevin's shoes...

Adam "Mass-Rad" Mackinnon's pieces with John's added bat shadows...

Jeremy Nichols trio of work...

Jill Rothenbergers "American Pie" & "Effed" (from left to right)

Kate "KillaB's" studio. She really put on a great bee themed display. Notice above Adam's head there are bee's carrying away the shoes...

Kate's Mom in the front along with David Francis's friend and David (from left to right) and Kate in the background...

Upstairs working his magic on the turn tables was Charles Seaton...

Osgood's work upstairs...

Some panels out back available for any artists with an itch to create...

Urban Light Studios as the photo implies...

Last night they featured the "Aerial Exposure" exhibit...

And of course rounding off the end of the night at the after party in the Law's studio (Urban Light) is the traditional Dance Off contest. The last two on the dance floor were Kate & Julie...

Remember, every 2nd Friday from 6pm - 9pm The GC opens up for these fantastical events during our neighborhood art walk. Don't miss out in August!!

Bherd is off to W. Seattle today!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Pioneer Square July Art Walk Photo Recap

Kate Protage Exhibit at GEMS

Some people checking out Kate's work

Beautiful exhibit cityscapes juxtapozed with hot urban shoes

New Flatcolor Gallery (nice to meet you Cris, you've got a fabulous space!)

Chip 7 as part of the group show at Flatcolor

Chip7 close up

Matthew Ryan Sharp as part of the Flatcolor Gallery exhibit

Close up of Matthew Ryan Sharp piece

Hello Soule!! Nice to see your work out in the park.

Chris Sheridan's latest series "Amalgamation" (you rock Chris!)

We heart Chris' work!

Yes, we made it by La Familia to see Lanae & Harry. Beautiful fresh work on display and a great salon-style section in the back.

Salon-style section at La Familia

Our wonderful friends Riley & Mindi (what a couple of cute Ohioans!)
And excellent designers to boot.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pioneer Square Art Walk: July 2

"57 Place" by Ryan Molenkamp

It's going to be a beautiful evening to go down and check out the art walk tonight! We're excited to see our friends at the Baby Seal Club (Kate Protage, Chris Sheridan & Ryan Molenkamp) in the 619 Western Building.

Actually, just realized that Kate is going to be showing at GEMS tonight, so add that to our list of stops!

We're also stopping by to see our friends Riley & Mindi at Blank Space Gallery (also in the 619 Western Building) who are featuring the following exhibtion:

The SOS Outreach exhibition will feature artworks from past and present students, including video, painting, and drawing. Students were asked to convey their personal interpretation of the SOS Core Values, and viewers can look forward to presentations involving courage, discipline, integrity, wisdom, and compassion. Also on display will be photographs taken throughout the 2009 winter programs season, so viewers will also have the opportunity to visually engage with the SOS Outreach experience. SOS Outreach works with youth both nationally and locally, and focuses on providing positive outdoor, civic engagement, and skill building opportunities. Their goal is to enhance decision-making for healthy and successful life experiences for both participants, and the SOS Outreach community. Join us for the OPENING RECEPTION on—Thursday, July 2nd 2009 from 6pm to 10pm. The SOS Outreach exhibition will run through July 22nd and be available by appointment.

Also stopping by to say hello to friends Lanae and Harry gallery owners of La Familia Gallery.

And to check out a new space:

The Flatcolor Gallery featuring the following urban contemporary artists: Timothy Karpinski - Matthew Ryan Sharp - Jeremy Ehling - Sohaila Adela - BASO - CHIP7 - Julian Duron

It's all in black & white - we're committed, there's no going back on it now! Photos of our summer adventure will be posted later.