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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

P.O.W. featured artist: Troy Gua

"La Dada Gaga" by Troy Gua
12" x 12" x 2"
Ltd. ed. resin coated lightjet metallic print
on cradled hardboard

For our Piece of the Week (POW) feature we're highlighting "La Dada Gaga" by the talented pop artist Troy Gua. Frankly, I'm surprised this one wasn't plucked up the night of the exhibit opening for "You're So Vain". Which, by the way, is still on display through Friday, so if you haven't seen the show, you still have time to swing by before it's gone. This piece is particularly fitting for the exhibits theme, with the combination of the ever so vain Lady Gaga and the world renowned and classic smirking beauty, Mona Lisa. It's clear that not only is Troy talented at picking clever iconic combinations, but has a wonderful sense of humor.

Troy Gua was born and raised in Seatac, Washington. He’s a libra. He prefers the term self-actualized to self-taught, but will answer to either. Although initially uncomfortable with being labeled a Pop artist, he has recently accepted it and is growing fond of it. His latest recurring dream is of giant cheeseburgers populating the planet.

Radio Edit: I’m a Pop Conceptualist producing work in a wide range of media, marrying the commercial and contemporary, conveying a glossy design aesthetic with a keen sense of humor. My subject matter deals with the layering of identities, cultural critique and commentary, celebrity obsession and the universal human need for recognition. (For the extended re-mix click HERE).

Because I couldn't resist showing the rest of the Gua pieces...

(Loves "The Kims" Kim Jong Il + Lil Kim)

Bherd Studios Gallery
@ The Greenwood Collective
8537 Greenwood Ave N Suite 1
Seattle, WA 98103
Gallery Hours: Wed - Fri from 12-6pm and by request.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

P.O.W. Feature: Urban Artist & Comic Illustrator, Brian Thies

"Mrs. Aloof" by Brian Thies
13" x 19"
Limited Edition, Signed & Numbered Print

For our Piece of the Week (POW) installment we are featuring a print by Brian Thies, a Seattle urban artist and comic book illustrator. "Mrs. Aloof" is one of two limited edition prints that we currently have in our gallery for the "You're So Vain" exhibit (in addition to a original oil on canvas painting entitled "Agent XZ-35"). I enjoy the contrast in this piece between the darkness of her hair and the white space left on almost half the page. The light playing off her hair and the shadows on her face ellicit a photographic essence to the piece. Her facial features and eyes do appear to be lost in her own thoughts, unconcerned about anything going on around her, thus her fitting title... Mrs. Aloof.

A small bit about Brian Thies:

The comic book is an art form still very much in it's infancy. As an artist, as a storyteller it's one of the few platforms I feel I can make an honest expression. It's a dialect that is direct and intuitive, sexy and monstrous.
(We couldn't find a proper bio, this bit was taken from his blog "About" section.)

Come by and see his work in person during the exhibit running through Friday, Oct 1st. We will be open Wednesday and Thursday this week (closed Sept 24) and Wed - Fri of next week (Sept 29 - Oct 1) from noon-6pm.

Bherd Studios Gallery
@ The Greenwood Collective
8537 Greenwood Ave N Suite 1
Seattle, WA 98103

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chris Crites "The Bag Painter": POW Feature

If you haven't seen Chris Crites' work before, it's time to get acquainted. I had seen his work around Seattle and was very interested in meeting him and finding out more. It seemed like everytime we'd go to one of his openings, we would just miss him - funny timing apparently on our part. We even walked into a gallery down in San Francisco on a visit and ran into his work in a group show called Dark Americana. I felt a little taunted by this accidental viewing (ha, ha, here is that artist you've been wanting to meet).

"Breaking Into Various Dwellings. Theft." by Chris Crites
12" x 10"
Acrylic on Paper Bag

When Kate Protage & Chris Sheridan were putting together the line-up for the "You're So Vain" exhibit and they confirmed that Chris was in the show, my first question was: is he going to be there for the opening? Aha! I would finally meet him. (It was very nice to meet you Chris).

For our POW (Piece of the Week) installment I selected "Breaking Into Various Dwellings. Theft". From the toussled hair, to the folds in his jacket and that look of regret on his face, the detailing of this piece gives it a 3-d appearance. The piece as I mentioned, is part of the "You're So Vain" (you probably think this art is about you) exhibit that runs through Friday, October 1st. Crites has an additional piece in the show among several other excellent Seattle artists (and 1 from SF). Please stop by before the show ends.

Artist Statement

Years ago I saw a book of black and white crime photographs from the past. I found it amazing. The characters and crime scenes looked like surreal glimpses into the history of human interaction. Much more intriguing for me were the mug shots. Portraits of people who had just been caught. Despair, frustration, anger – so many expressions could be read on the faces. Each one of these images has a story. Often times I have no idea what the real story is, but it’s hard not to make one up. One of the reasons I paint them is to bring out another possible story, for people to look at and think about. The majority of the images I base my paintings on are from the 1890’s through 1950’s.

Originally I began using charcoal and white conte´ crayon on paper bag. The way the wrinkles, folds and texture added to the piece really appealed to me. In 1999 I painted my first 4 mug shots in acrylic on paper bag with a limited palette of 5 colors each. Paper bag has been my main substrate ever since. Brightly colored acrylics have a different effect on the brown bag than on a typical white backing.

I try to bring new life to these practically discarded portraits of criminal and human history. Using an everyday, disposable item as the surface gives new life to the bag as well. It is my hope to get people thinking about the past, their present, and how we all affect both.

Bherd Studios Gallery
@ The Greenwood Collective
8537 Greenwood Ave N Suite 1
Seattle, WA 98103
Open Wed - Fri from 12-6pm

Friday, September 10, 2010

"You're So Vain" (you probably think this art is about you): Artist Opening Tonight Fri, Sept 10th 6-10pm

Come out and meet the artists tonight from 6-10pm! Featuring the work of: Daniel Carrillo, Jonathan Collis, Chris Crites, Troy Gua, Lucien Knuteson, Wyatt Landis, Mary McIntyre, John Osgood, Brian Thies, Joey Veltkamp, Redd Walitzki and Daniel John Williams.

"Agent x2-35" by Brian Thies
33" x 31"
Oil on Canvas

About the Exhibit:

Seattle artists Kate Protage and Chris Sheridan team up to curate their 2nd show at Bherd Studios Gallery in September. "You're So Vain" looks at more than 10 different artists' interpretations of portraiture in the modern art world, and how their technical, stylistic and symbolic choices reflect the "truths" of their subjects.

Protage and Sheridan have chosen to display a wide range of styles and genres in "You're So Vain," with work ranging from urban contemporary to pop surrealism to classical, and everything in between. Artists address a variety of different thematic concepts behind modern portraiture-humor, vanity, morality, spirituality and social commentary to name a few-and reveal the fact that portraiture is not bound to a single, tightly defined space in contemporary art. It is everywhere, and can mean many things.

"You're So Vain" runs from September 10th to October 1st at Bherd Studios Gallery in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle.
Bherd Studios Gallery
@ The Greenwood Collective
8537 Greenwood Ave N Suite 1
Seattle, WA 98103

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

POW: Redd Walitzki in "You're So Vain" exhibit opening this Fri, Sept 10th

For our piece of the week (POW) feature we wanted to highlight Redd Walitzki's "Specimen 1 - monstrum couturea" which is in our "You're So Vain" exhibit opening Friday, Sept 10th.

"Specimen 1 - monstrum couturea" by Redd Walitzki
Archival Digital Giclée / Mixed Media / Oils on Panel
30" x 34" (framed)

Ethereal crêpe de chine gown, ($11,260); Galliano for Dior. Burgundy leather tote, ($2,490); Prada. Formaldehyde, magnesium chloride, deoxygenated water, sodium bezonate. Bloodstone cocktail ring, ($865); Yves Saint Laurent. Akoya pearl strand, ($5,500); Mikimoto. Beauty Note: Soft pink blush brings a spark to a drowned complexion, and a sheer gloss adds fragile glamour (Shu Uemura pearl foundation and blush, Christian Dior lipgloss in Asphyxia).


I fell for this piece the moment I saw it. It's delicate and ephemeral imagery illicits that feeling of vanity and hunger for luxury that gives such fleeting satisfaction. Not that I would know the kind of luxury that's entailed in Redd's piece, but I think most women have exprienced "retail therapy" and the temporary bubble of self confidence a new outfit, purse, shoes, etc., give you. However, less than a day later, you come to the realization that your boyfriend is still sleeping with that two-bit hussy, you still want to lose 10 pounds and that damn zit on your forehead still rearing it's ugly head.

There is a sister piece that is also in the show called "Specimen 2 - monstrum modae", the two pieces together are a perfect pairing, both encased in a gilded ornamental frame. You must come by and see these dahhhling...

About the Artist:

Pattern shaping beautiful surfaces. Sweet disguising sharpness.
Superficial, superflat, superfabulous. All art is at once surface and symbol.
Those who go beneath the surface do so at their peril.
I am creating a daydream of beautiful aberrations
that evoke themes of neoteny, desire for perfection
and the abject/beautiful dynamic.”

Redd has worked with multiple genres of the arts,ranging from painting, sewing, digital media, video animation, photography, and ball-jointed-doll faceups to name a few. Her elegant style is a signature characteristic of her work; featuring much of her former teaching, discipline and background. Redd graduated from Cornish College of the Arts in 2007. She is a working artist originally from Germany,now living in Pioneer Square (Seattle’s artist district).

Bherd Studios Gallery
@ The Greenwood Collective
8537 Greenwood Ave N Suite 1
Seattle, WA 98103

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

P.T.S. Session #1: Solace Wonder, Seattle Urban Contemporary Artiste

If you know us, you probably have been hearing some rumblings about this project for a couple months now. We are proud to say that we have put out our 1st session of P.T.S. (aka "Peep This Studio") featuring Solace Wonder. Take a moment to check it out:

Artist Bio:

sol·ace [ sólləss ]

1. relief from emotional distress: comfort at a time of sadness, grief, or disappointment

2. source of comfort: somebody or something that provides comfort at a time of sadness, grief, or disappointment

I call myself an urban artist or street artist because my work is influenced by street culture and highly inspired by graffiti. While graffiti is normally rooted in letterforms, I lean towards the character design element. My pacific-northwest surroundings instill a respect for nature that is personified in my work. Via organic textures, vibrant colors, and a graphic painterly approach, I attempt to meld city life with the tranquility of uninhabited lands. Through a blend of mediums, aerosol propelled and acrylic, I concoct my background landscapes and finish them with the character design. I call my characters "wanders." The wanders are unique in perspective and rely on body language over facial expression to tell their story. I am always looking to progress my style and increase my stable of characters while challenging conventional mediums. The mediums most utilized at this time are canvas, large-scale mural production, custom vinyl toys, original plush toys, and live painting.

About P.T.S. Sessions
P.T.S. is the latest project of Bherd Studios Gallery as a way to document and promote Seattle urban contemporary artists and the scene that is continuing to blossom in our area. We are currently working with artists who have previously shown in our gallery and our goal is to produce a monthly P.T.S. Session that will be posted on our blog and promoted through our social media.