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Friday, February 26, 2010

Unveiling our new Free Art Friday Series at Bherd Gallery

We decided to bring back Free Art Friday (FAF) but in a new format. In the past we have dropped artwork in our neighborhood (and we will still be doing that occasionally), but we thought it even better to bring you to us. This will not happen every Friday, however, all future FAF notices will be announced via twitter or on our Facebook Fan Page.

The 1st FAF series is an original illustration by John Osgood that was turned into a screen print. He's producing a limited edition of this series (20) to be given out for free. It was announced today that you could stop by the gallery and pick one up. We're open until 6pm today.

We've already had a few picked-up, so you won't want to miss out. We're posting updates on twitter as we speak!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bherd Limited Edition Hand Screen-Printed Ladies Dresses

We have limited edition Osgood designed and hand screen-printed dresses in 4 colors: black, maroon, blue and gray. One size fits all (and yes, for the most part this is true as the material is stretchy). Don't let Gwendolyn's svelte figure scare you curvy ladies away. The dress looks great on many figures not just the skinny ones! The dress is a raw cut dress from American Apparel. They can be worn as dresses, or as long shirts as seen on Gwendolyn paired with jeans and a long sleeve shirt underneath. The price is right at $20.00

Here's a close up below. John added some line form drawing into this design, and melded flowers and birds together...

Here's a shot of the other color combo's to choose from...

We're open Wed - Fri from noon - 6pm and by appointment by either calling or texting (206) 234-8348. We live in the Greenwood neighborhood, so we're around pretty often, so don't be shy about setting up a time to come by outside of our hours.

Monday, February 15, 2010

"Bad Words" at Twilight Artist Collective

"What makes a word bad? After all, they're just words. It is the human imagination that generates a context in which certain words are frowned upon in common usage. These words vary from region to region, but every language seems to have some. There is really nothing wrong with a word. It can't harm anyone literally, but again, the human mind can take words very seriously at times and can create its own damage from them. Despite all that, they can come in handy and express things good words just can't. This show is intended to be an examination of words that could be construed as "bad". I asked several artists to play with this concept of what makes BAD WORDS." Curated by Chris Crites.

Here's a video of the artist opening John and I went to last Thursday...

FEATURING: Nat Damm, Kevin McCarthy, Kelly Lyles, Kamala Dolphin Kingsley, Troy Gua, Molly Norris, Kristen Ramirez, Sara Lanzillotta, Lisa Geertsen, Shaun Kardinal, Warren Dykeman, Mary Enslow, Michael Alm, Aubrey Nehring, Gail Howard, Erin Frost, Andrew Drawbaugh, Sharon Arnold, Sierra Stinson and Michael Leavitt.

It's not too late to catch the exhibit, it will be up for a couple more weeks.

Twilight Artist Collective
4306 SW Alaska St. Seattle, WA 98116
p 206.933.2444
M - F: 11 - 7 Sat: 10 - 6 Sun: 10 - 5
Located across the street from Key Bank, between Edie's Shoes and Easy Street Records

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Friday Night at The Greenwood Collective: Feb 12, 6-10pm

We have a great line-up for the Art Up G-P 2nd Friday Artwalk at The Greenwood Collective tomorrow night. Also featuring on the main floor - the opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympics on the Big Screen, courtesy of Urban Light Studios.

At Bherd Studios Gallery, the 2nd Annual All Female Urban Art Exhibit features the freshest ladies of Seattle: Ninjagrl, Soule, Soopajdelux, Michelle Smith-Lewis, Siolo Thompson and Coco Howard of Softlife industries. Due to Valentines Day being a couple days away and we know that you're going to be shopping for your sweetheart you will be able to take your purchase home with you that evening.

Urban Light Studios features robotic paper sculpture art paired with the an original painting inpired by the sculpture. Presenting some of the top Urban Artists in Seattle: Boohi, Charms, Trevor Bassett, Anton Bogaty, Jamie Burton, Dear EArthling, Dain, ninjagrl, Aaron Jasinski, Brian Kupr, Bryan Mandronico, Jonathan Morris, 179, Parskid, Augie Pagan, Edward Pun, John Raftery, Joe Vollan, Weirdo, Solace and Many More...

Band Vibes Studios presents: artwork by Lem & Duffy. After party Karaoke at the Baranoff next door. Not to be missed show.

Killah Kate Studios presents:
Fill My Frame
Group Art showcase

Including works by:
Corina Bakker, Carina Wayman, Therese Rose, Kate Tesch, Kate Branom, Ursula Rose, and musical guests "Says"

The Greenwood Collective
8537 Greenwood Ave N, Suite 1
Seattle, WA 98103

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

John Osgood: "The Making Of" Videos

Here are a series of videos showing recent works in progress.

This first one is "Quicksand. Again". You know those times where you're feeling overwhelmed, too much stuff on your plate, you're basically feeling stuck. Yeah, that's what this one is inspired by. That tiny little limb being offered that you can't quite reach and looks like it's about as useless as a - (place colloquial quote here). Anyway you get the picture, or you will...

"The Patriarch" was inspired by Grandpa O.

This piece is now showing at ArtsWest for Urban Constructions. The opening is tomorrow (Thurs. Feb 11th for the W. Seattle art walk) This piece is entitled "I'd Help You - a former saint".

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Christopher Olson - Bherd Gallery Artist Raising Funds for LLS

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS), in conjunction with Team in Training participants, Christopher Olson and others, are seeking artists who are willing to donate all forms of art in all media to a silent auction. This event will be hosted at Sole Shoe Repair in Capital Hill on February 26 with 100% of the proceeds to be donated to LLS!

Chris, his wife Kathy and friend Fred Kingston are training to participate in the Lavaman Triathlon as members of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Team In Training. They train 6 days a week and in March they’ll swim 1 mile, bike 26.2 miles and run 6.3 miles in an effort to raise awareness and funds to help fight blood cancers. Together they've committed to raise $18,000 to help LLS fund research and patient care. They’ve each been deeply affected by the disease personally and can testify to the importance of this cause. Chris lost his grandfather to the disease and the art auction was his idea as a way to use his talents to raise money and awareness so that other families don’t lose loved ones to blood cancers.

To give you a little background on the cause - Team in Training is the endurance training program which benefits the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). The need is critical:

- More than 823,000 Americans have leukemia, Hodgkin or non-Hodgkin lymphoma or myeloma.

- Every five minutes, someone new is diagnosed with blood cancer.

- Every 10 minutes, someone dies. Leukemia causes more deaths than any other cancer among children under the age of 20.

- Lymphomas are the most common blood cancers and incidence increases with age.

- The survival rate for myeloma is only 34 percent. Incidence is nearly twice as high among African Americans as for all other races.

Please send an email to kathleenminnis@gmail.com by Monday, February 15th if you are interested in participating.

They'll need all items for the auction by SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20TH. Please call Kathy at 425-736-7694 or Chris at 206-633-1236 to coordinate delivery/pick-up of your donated item or if you have any questions. Thank you so much for donating your time and talents to such a wonderful cause!

Here are their fundraising pages in case you’d like more information on any of the three of them:

Kathy Minnis

Chris Olson

Fred Kingston

Monday, February 8, 2010

Seattle's AGENT GREEN to Invade Greenwood-Phinney for a More Sustainable Feb 12th Art Walk

Shop Local during February 12th Art Walk and Support Six Pilot Businesses Donating 25% of Profits to Sustainability Retrofitting

Friday, February 12, 2009
6:00 – 9:00pm

Greenwood Avenue North/Phinney Avenue
North Between 60th and 87th streets
Print an art walk map from http://www.artupgp.com/.

This Friday, during the monthly Greenwood-Phinney art walk, the neighborhood will host an Agent Green event, sponsored by Seattle Green Drinks and the Greenwood-Phinney Chamber of Commerce.

Agent Green is an organized culture mob that works to bring Seattle residents into the neighborhood to use their collective purchasing power to support neighborhood businesses that promise to dedicate 25% of their sales from the day towards energy and water efficiency retrofitting.

This event honors six pilot businesses in particular, the first to participate in the chamber’s Green Smart Sustainable Business Program. This new program is designed to help neighborhood businesses reduce their carbon footprint and improve their overall sustainability.

Join the fun at Gainsbourg Lounge from 6:00 – 10:00pm as the main event headquarters where there will be food and drink specials, live music, and more.
Shop local, give back and build your community. The monthly art walk offers friends and neighbors an evening where they can shop works from local Northwest artists, explore great food in the Greenwood-Phinney community and support community giving throughout the year.

In February, your purchasing power, combined with the Seattle City Light and Seattle Public Utilities’ cash rebates for energy efficient upgrades, will create the capital and inertia needed to aid the businesses in drastically reducing their energy use.

BUSINESS Green Smart Sustainable Business Program -
Pilot Businesses Include:

Greenwood Sip and Ship
8560 Greenwood Ave N

TerraBella Flowers
8417 Greenwood Ave N

Steven Cole Salon and Spa
8408 Greenwood Ave N

Avanti Art & Design
7317 Greenwood Ave N

Mae's Phinney Ridge Café
6412 Phinney Ave N
(closes at 2pm) Special offer: Join Mae’s Café E-Club for chance to win one of three gift certificates for Breakfast for Two ($35 value)

8550 Greenwood Ave N
*Event headquarters during Greenwood-Phinney monthly art walk; 6-10pm. Come out for food and drink specials, live music and more!

Green Smart Sustainable Business Program
The Green Smart Sustainable Business Program, powered by the Chamber's Sustainability Committee, helps small businesses in the Greenwood-Phinney neighborhood reduce their carbon footprint and improve their overall sustainability.

The program goals include:
· Assist businesses perform a carbon footprint analysis and lower operating costs through increased energy efficiency and waste reduction strategies
· Connect businesses with available City of Seattle resources such as rebates and funding and with local, green contractors to perform retrofits
· Provide marketing for participating businesses
· Provide workshops and educational materials on small business sustainability

Art Up Greenwood-Phinney Monthly Art Walk
The Greenwood-Phinney Monthly Art Walk takes place on the 2nd Friday of each month. Supported by the Greenwood-Phinney Chamber of Commerce, the art walk showcases the vibrancy of this ever-changing and exciting community in the heart of North Seattle. This neighborhood art walk embraces a thriving art community and invites local residents to enjoy special discounts and promotions from local restaurants, bars and shops. For more information, including participating businesses, visit http://www.greenwood-phinney.com/

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why it’s never too soon to start your art collection

Encaustic photographs by Michelle Smith-Lewis of lil Photo Boxes
Michelle will be in our "Ladies First" Exhibit starting Feb 12th.

I hear over and over again from people I’ve talked to that they would love to collect art work but they don’t have the money. My short answer is art does not have to be expensive. However, I wanted to spend more time addressing this subject, as it is a critical one for an art gallery such as Bherd Studios (and as a wife of an artist such as myself).

Some reasons I have heard why people are hesitant to start their collection:

1) I don’t own my own house/condo.

Well, unless you’re residing in your parents home or a multi-roommate house that is too rowdy to secure artwork, this is not a good excuse. If you’re renting an apartment or house, you have walls that would look 10x better with original artwork on them, than a framed poster, or generic wall decoration that you’ve purchased at a home décor store. Why would you want to have your residence graced with a generic piece/poster that anyone else in your neighborhood or across America could also have? What better way to show your good taste and unique flavor, than to buy artwork that speaks to you and has a story for your guests?

2) But I don’t have the money to invest in artwork right now.

Yes you do - start small! If you have $40 to buy that generic wall hanging, you certainly have enough to buy an original piece of artwork like this:

Artwork by Ninjagrl - she will also be featured in our Feb 12 "Ladies First" exhibition.

That is just one example of a Seattle artist who creates small works for affordable prices. We have shown many more pieces of artwork that fall within the $40 - $100 range at our gallery. In fact, we have talked to more than a couple art collectors who focus mainly on small pieces from local artists. What a great concept! One collector in particular says he loves finding that “one small piece” to add to his wall of Seattle Artists. When guests come over to his house, he has a wonderful story to tell as he’s met most of the artists at their openings.

Here’s an example of a small piece collection in the home of Ninjagrl & Beau (formerly of Halogen Gallery):

I spot a couple of Soopajdelux, a Rob Roy Chalmers, a Chris Sheridan, a Kelly Vivanco, a 2H, an Ego, a Starheadboy, a Brad Strain, a Joe Vollan...

3) I don’t know anything about art.

You don’t have to let lack of knowledge stop you from buying art or learning about it. There are many art venues in Seattle who are friendly, informative and affordable. You don’t have to start your collection off at a Christie’s auction to be a collector! A good place to begin your collecting efforts, is to find out what you like. Take time to go to an artwalk or art opening and see what strikes your fancy. Start finding out what genre of art that best fits your personality and home. You can’t buy “the wrong piece” if you like it. Besides you get to feel good that you purchased an original piece of artwork from a local artist. You are not only supporting the artist, you’re also supporting your own arts community.

I hope that if you've been hesitant to start collecting, that this has helped give you some ideas. If you want to start with larger pieces, there are many artists and some galleries out there that allow you to do a layaway plan (including Bherd Gallery). So never fear, if you have an excuse - I can probably get you over that hurdle.