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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Artopia Recap

Well if you missed Artopia yesterday you only have to wait another 364 days until the next one. What a fun experience this event was! But let me give you the full detail of the whole day. So the night before, Michele was on her way home from Canada. After being in her rental car for about 6 hours, with a 2 hour wait at the border, and a drive down to SeaTac to drop the car off, needless to say she was exhausted. So sleeping in the next morning was not on the plans, but it happened. So being a little behind the eight ball all morning made us (me) forget a a few minor details. But not worry we got through the day unscathed. 10 o'clock and Michele and I start to set up in our zone in Georgetown. We had the tent up, clothes folded, paintings hung, and the shoes that I have been painting on were front and center.

This is a picture of our set up and our first few customers.

As the day rolled on more and more people kept piling through our zone. If you are a people watcher this would have been the day for you. There were so many different and unique people walking about. I really feel like a fielded a lot of good questions about Bherd Studios and about my art work in general.

So after awhile of painting on shoes and talking to people about Bherd Studios I decided that I need to tour the area and see what was going around me. With a handful of flyers for our next show, "Spray It, Don't Say It", I went over to Dope Emporium and checked out the Hip Hop area. Spoken word, free stylist, graffitist, and more great people watching. I didn't stay long because I knew Michele was by herself, but I am glad that I checked that area out. Later in the day I saw one of the guys that was help run the Artopis event, Gabe. I told him that I would have loved to have been a part of the live graffiti. He told me that there was a trailer one more block away from from the Dope Emporium where people were working and from the handful of people that were suppose to work on the trailer only two showed up. He told me that I should go over there and work on it. And guess what, I had spray paint with me. And this is what I threw up.

This was my first real attempt at doing graffiti and the cool thing was there was this guy that I was talking to who had been doing graffiti for awhile. I kept asking him questions and he was giving me some real good constructive criticism. Which I really appreciated. Without some of the advice that he gave me I would have looked a little more green than I already was.
So after about 10 hours in the sun Michele and I called it a night, packed up what we had left, and went home to air conditioning and nice cold glass of Reisling. We also watched this movie called "Across the Universe". It's musical with only Beatles song and it was a pretty powerful movie. It kind of explained some of the songs that the Beatles made along with the time frame they were made in.
All in all yesterday was a great day. Sun, art, and getting the word out about Bherd Studios.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Shirts

This is our newest t-shirt. It's a long sleeve, 2 color done on white and grey. We will be selling them this Saturday down at the Artopia event down on Airport way (that's the street outside Jules Maes and if you don't know what Jules Mae's is, you need to go and check it out.) We will be on the North end of the event. See you there!

Monday, June 23, 2008

"Germany To Grenada"

Although worlds apart these two countries are well represented here in the Pacific Northwest through the work of fine artists Kenneth Susynski and Joachim McMillan. Each self taught artist will present some of their finest work at C Art Gallery at 855 Hiawatha Place South in Seattle from June 26-August 10 with an artist reception scheduled July 10 from 5:30PM-8:00PM. The exhibit seeks to capture how cultures can have an impact on the images presented but at the same time how these images have similarities through color, subject matter and passion of the artists.

Susynski's current work searches within for truths that define his own personal experience, truths which embolden and enslave him dutifully, truths which transport him freely between his past, present and future. He is drawn less to artistic influences than to the impact of those select few who have peppered his life.

McMillan, born on the Caribbean island of Grenada, has no formal art training and notes that his father has been his greatest influence. He started painting with watercolors and acrylics for galleries in Grenada. His signature work includes painting with oils and a palette knife. Each painting tells a story that will draw you in and make you want to touch the highly textured canvas. Currently residing in Portland, Mcmillan's work was recently featured at Festival Sundiata.

This exhibit continues to enable C Art Gallery to address its mission to use visual art as a means to promote cultural dialogue and minority artists. For more information contact the gallery at 206-554-9444. You may also view the artists work at www.cartgallery.net.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Newest Silk Screen Print

This is the newest silk screen which I titled "In One Ear & Out The Other". It's a 13" x 9.75", magenta, black, and metallic blue print. I will have a stack of these down at the Artopia event, in Georgetown, on the 28th of August (Saturday).

Artopia 2nd Annual Celebration: Georgetown

Don't miss out on Artopia this year, Saturday, June 28th. John Osgood will be representing Bherd Studios at the event from noon - 8pm in Zone 4, where the interactive art tents are located. John will be live painting on Converse canvas shoes.

"Artopia is a multi-disciplinary event that boasts an eclectic mix of art, ranging from the renowned to the obscure to the completely undiscovered.

As you wander through Georgetown, there are surprises around every corner. The program itself is unconventional, idiosyncratic, and welcoming, all like the neighborhood that hosts us. We take over the streets of Georgetown, the parking lots, alleyways, artist lofts, and warehouses and create an urban arts adventure you do not want to miss!"

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Call for artists: The 2008 CoCA Painting Marathon

The 2008 CoCA Painting Marathon Selection Committee is requesting artists to participate in the 16th Annual CoCA Painting Marathon. The Painting Marathon is a 2 day event where artist create art for 24hrs straight (that's the marathon part), the marathon is followed by a series of silent and live auctions to benefit Seattle’s Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA) on the 2nd day. We wrap the event up with a rocking after party. Last year's event was a smashing success and this years will be even better.

Art sales are split 50/50.

FYI, here are a few links to last year’s event.


There are several spots still open at this time. The deadline for submissions is June 25th 2008. Please submit the following to be considered for the Marathon.

No more than 3 images of work (we need to see the type of work you create)
A description of the 3 images
Max dimension 500 pixels @ 72dpi
Resume/CV (Send as an attachment not in the body of your email)
Contact info
Web site link (if available)

This year's Marathon will be on Friday August 8th and Saturday August 9th at the original Rainier Brewery in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle. You must be available and on site from 9am Friday 8/8 through to 9am Sat 8/9 for the marathon. You need not be available for the auction or after party but ideally you can make those events too.

Artists accepted into this year's marathon will be contacted in early July 2008.

Questions? Email: submissions@cocaseattle.org or call (206) 728-1980

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

2nd Mask Done

This is a another mask that have been working on. I just finished it today and now it is drying. Dean and I are on a tear right now making these masks for the October show. Hopefully I will have another pic up soon of the next mask that I am making. The plan is to do a woman faced mask out of a tear drop shap.

These smaller faces are going to put together to make a ring. In between each face there is going to be an arm hanging down. The arms are going to be holding onto a piece of glass that is going to be a light fixture. I can't wait to see this one turn out.


Stencil Nation: Graffiti, Community & Art - NW Book Signing

Kim McCarthy (aka Soule) is one of the featured artists in the new book, "Stencil Nation: Graffiti, Community & Art" by Russel Howze.

Soule will be book signing at these three events:
Powells Books, Portland,OR June 16th, 7:30pm
Last Word Books, Olympia,WA,June 20th,6:00pm
Elliot Bay Books,Seattle,WA ,June 21st, 2:00pm

"More street artists are turning to stencil art's speed, efficiency, and neatness as a means of expression. All it takes is a piece of cardboard, an X-Acto knife, and a can of spray paint to pose an idea or tell a story with the potential to change the gait of pedestrians and make them stop and think."-San Francisco Weekly

Without a doubt, stencils are the fastest, easiest, and cheapest method for painting an image on a wall, a sidewalk, or practically anywhere. Stencil Nation focuses on the unexpected mix of this lively, accessible medium-from famous artists including Banksy to international street stencils and gallery shows-to reveal engaging aspects of an intentionally secretive creative community.

With dynamically illustrated perspectives from the niches of the art form, female artists, documentarians, and the growing online community of the international scene are featured in this fresh collection of photographs and essays curated by StencilArchive.org's founder, Russell Howze. New artists, often utilizing stencil art in unconventional ways, are also featured.

Stencil Nation also represents the art of lesser-known urban scenes, including Poland, Romania, and Israel. Additionally, Stencil Nation builds upon previous published works to give the most extensive and up-to-date history of stencil art, as well as how-to tips from the artists themselves.

Russell Howze is the curator of StencilArchive.org. He lives in San Francisco.

In 2002, Russell Howze founded StencilArchive.org, a comprehensive website documenting over 7,000 stencil graffiti images from around the world, as well as information about the stencil art process. He lives in San Francisco.


Monday, June 16, 2008

Asleep at the Wheel / Seeks Entries for Political Art Show

Asleep at the Wheel seeks politically charged submissions from artists in the Pacific NW. Submitted works should feel like campaign materials (posters, yard signs, buttons, bumper stickers, etc.) but all submissions will be reviewed. 2-D entries are preferred but 3-D entries will be considered. Selected artwork will be displayed along with the "Unembedded" exhibit: 4 independent photojournalists perspective on the war in Iraq. All entries must be received by Friday, August 22. For details on submitting artwork, please visit: asleepinseattle.com

Sunday, June 15, 2008


This is a recent project that I have been working on with my frined Dean Hudgins. I originally met Dean through a mutual friend. We started throwing around some ideas and I asked him if he could help me make a mask. He said no problem and invited me into his studio. I hadn't worked with ceramics since I was in middle school, so it took a bit for me to get my sea legs about working with clay again. But once I was in the thick of things, I couldn't stop thinking about working with clay and putting together our next project. When Dean and I started this project together, so many ideas started popping up. Working with Dean at his studio created a new resurgence of inspiration for myself. Right now we are working on a series of masks and we are planning to have a show in October to display the new works.

(The picture above are pieces that Dean and I made. Dean made the top one and I made the bottom one.)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Newest Painted Door

This is the latest door painting that I have completed. It's a 78" x 24", oil, acrylic, and spray paint on wood, titled "Me? #3". The painting below is something that I just started on the other night. It's also a wood door which is the same size as the previous painting, (turned side ways though.) This is what I did for the Wallingford Wednesday Art Walk which happens on the first Wednesday (Hence the name of "Wallingford Wednesday Art Walk").

On another note, if you are looking for something to do tonight and you want it to involve looking at artwork in Belltown, I would suggest hitting up Suite 100 and BLVD. Suite 100 has their show 'This Place Is A Prison'. The show is curated by Monica HW Choy and one of the futured artists is a woman named Angela Dawn, who I think is a really good photographer. As for BLVD they are showing work by Bigfoot. Based out of SF, Bigfoot has his stuff all over the place. All over the world, to skateboards, shoes, and paintings. I can only imagine that he is a busy person.

"This Place Is a Prison" Suite 100 Gallery June Exhibit

This Place Is A Prison
June 13th thru July 4th
Opening reception June, 13th, 6:00PM - 10:00PM
Curated by Monica HW Choy
Featuring Angela Dawn, Emily Ibarra, Jack J. Raynard

Monica HW Choy's statement on "This Place Is A Prison":
I have been a gallery curator for two years now, showing mostly in Portland and Seattle. Though I tend to gravitate towards low-brow/pop surrealism painting, I am trying something different with this next show by curating a different medium, photography.

I have always been fascinated by a photographer’s ability to capture amazing images while considering so many different variables. Composition, lighting, subject, and mood are often so unpredictable – not to mention having to manage all the lenses, equipment, and settings involved. It amazes me then, when someone my age can capture fragments of life in a way that really makes me want to pause and wonder at it. Anyone can pick up a camera and take a snapshot, but few can capture a moment in a way that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also invites you to listen to the story behind it.

I selected these three photographers because of their similarity, not in style, but in subject matter. All three come from urban areas (San Francisco and Seattle) and much of their work portrays the lifestyle and environment surrounding young adults living in big cities. City life is often glamorized by movies, tv shows, and "small town" folk, but the concrete jungle can be a cold place. I have chosen to focus these photographers on the sometimes-stifling aspects of city life in "This Place is a Prison."

Angela Dawn's statement on "This Place Is A Prison":
"This Place is a Prison," step's into everyday places and everyday beauty. Texture's and environments from actual urban settings. Explore a day into one girl's life. Turning life into fantasy and dreams into reality. Leave's you wondering... is this place really a prison or a playground.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Odd Man Out Mini Posters

These one of a kind mini posters that promote the show "Odd Man Out" will be free for the taking for the first two two dozen people. If you like what you see come early to the show and be one of the 24 who will have this collectable item. (Or you could wait, come later, and be the odd man out.)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Newest John Osgood Painting...

Here is the latest and greatest. Its called "Faces no.9". It's a 89" x 41" Acrylic,oil, and spray on Canvas. Right now this painting is hanging in a home, built by Pb Elemental, down in the Mt.Baker area along with nine other paintings of mine. If you are in the market for a new and innovative home in the South Seattle area, fully furbished with artwork and furniture, look no further. Once you look at this house you will fall in love.