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Friday, March 18, 2011

Upfest 2011 - Zach Bohnenkamp & John Osgood Raising Funds for Mural Festival

The Zach Bohnenkamp & John Osgood are going back to Bristol, England for Upfest 2011 and they are once again raising some funds for travel expenses. They have created a limited edition, hand screen-printed 3-color piece for $35 donation. Only 50 of the prints were made and each one is numbered and signed by both artists. If you would like your print mailed to you, please provide your mailing address in the "notes" section during check-out.

About the Festival:
Upfest is the largest urban mural festival in Europe and it's growing bigger every year. Last year over 200 artists from across the globe came together for a weekend of 'Live' Urban painting spanning all types of street art and Illustration. This year they are expecting close to 300 artists participating.

Here's their mural from last year's event...

In addition to the limited edition prints, Zach & John are also raising funds by doing "Mini Murals": For those clients who are keen to have a mural, but on a tight budget, we now have Mini Mural pricing. A Mini Mural is an 8' x 8' mural or similar size that is priced at $500 + tax.

The difference between a mini and a custom is:
- wall must be prepped
- no detailed sketches included
- client chooses a design based compilation of existing sketches or murals
- colors are based on paints already in the artists supplies
- no finishing clear coat.

Here's an example of a recent mini they did for a client's son's room:

To see more of their mural work check out http://www.seattlemuralart.com/

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bots Vs. Beasts + Good Omens + Heroes, Vixens & Villains = Urban Art Feast in da hood!

The Phinneywood hood that is...

This Friday, March 11 starting at 6pm, in conjunction with Art Up Phinneywood.

Our friends and neighboring gallery, Urban Light Studios at The Greenwoood Collective, are exibiting 30 urban artists in their "Bots Vs. Beasts" show curated by Nick Beery. It's a killer line up of visual artists, plus there will be live music from local 8-bitSci-FiHip-Hop group Supercommuter!

And of course, you don't want to miss Book Club, at Bherd Studios Gallery. Visual art based on the cult classic, "Good Omens, the nice and accurate prophecies of Agnes Nutter, witch"

"Death" by Mike Capp

17 Seattle urban contemporary artists provide their visual interpretations of the book Good Omens by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett. This darkly humorous cult classic pokes fun at the end times and nearing apocalypse. We found this a particularly timely piece of literature for a 2011 exhibit, with predictions of the end days right around the corner.

Featured Seattle artists include: Nick Beery, John Belli, Mike Capp, Cris Cook, Duffy, Justin Kane Elder, Eddy Lee, Matt Lewis, Xavier Lopez, Eric Osborne, John Osgood, Augie Pagan, Kate Protage*, Chris Sheridan*, Brian Thies, Siolo Thompson and Brian White.

*Artists who selected the Book Club book.

Our friends at Tasty are coming up on their 1st anniversary...
So stop in and celebrate with them this Friday March 11th from 6-10pm. That same night is the opening party for their next exhibit, a comic book art tribute called:

HEROES VIXENS & VILLAINS. Costumes Encouraged!

Featured artists include:
*Thomas Hurley III, *David Vonderlinn, *Marty Gordon, *Law, Wilky, Augie Pagan, Kim McCarthy, Sarah Chambers, Court Hoffman,
Dave Ryan, Jon Malmstedt and Daniel Schultz.

*These artists are represented on the attached flyer invite above.

Friday, March 4, 2011

1st Thursday Photo Recap: Deli, Flatcolor & Electric Coffin

Another 1st Thursday in Pioneer Square officially in the books. Last nights shows were awesome and fun. We first started at Deli for the "Blank Canvas" Manik custom deck show, moved down to Flatcolor Gallery, and then over to the Electric Coffin for the Boxes of Death #2 show. Now lets get into the details...

Sensei 23 out does himself again with a fantastic samari kick flip. Nicework K-dizzle! You keep on represent'in!

179 hold down the fort as always with another gem within these 256 square inches of skatedeck.

Zach Bohnenkamp gray hawk attacks a wood grain/ pink mist/ lavander sky.

Solace and his "Shit Board".
(Folks I do not make this up. This is what he was calling it last night.)

Matamuros & their ladies, (Two Thirds of Team Seattle Mural Art) right here!

Deli was packed last night! You were definitely doing the bumping into one another thing in there.

CASH dropping some knowledge advising the public that to be a real man you must have a chest tat.

Some of the work that was hanging at Flatcolor for "Sidekicks & Henchmen #2".

Some more work at Flatcolor. (Augie Pagan far left, PGee middle piece.)

Now who wears sharp looking shoes like this?
( Person with correct answer to this questions wins!)

This was one of the pieces in the main portion of the Flatcolor gallery. Very chunky oils. These are the types of paintings I want to run my fingers arcoss. (But don't!)

Joey Nix piece at the Electric Coffin Boxes of Death #2 show was a functional piece.
(It held his booze.)

Weirdo and Joe McSween.


Parskid and John Osgood

PaperMarbleS and Cris Cook

("Winning"- Charlie Sheen)

Solace and Pal.