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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Deli Launches Its Online Store to Showcase Tees by Local Artitsts

Since opening its doors for business in May 2009, DELI has made an impact in Pioneer Square’s growing community of fashion retailers and art galleries. Even with “For Lease” signs popping up throughout the neighborhood and the Viaduct construction looming, DELI is off to a strong start and has created a buzz among locals and tourists as the new “must see” boutique in Seattle. “What makes DELI unique is not just the concept behind the store, it’s our involvement in the art community here in Pioneer Square. Every month we feature the work of a local artists that we unveil at the Artwalk on the first Thursday of each month, says Max Heigh, owner of DELI.

On November 5th, 2009 DELI will launch shopdeliseattle.com, its new online store featuring the release of the “DELI Art Series,” a collaboration of t-shirts created by each of DELI’s featured artist from the past, present, and future. Each t-shirt will feature one design selectively chosen by the artist along with a custom hangtag displaying their bio information. DELI’s featured artist include Brad Strain, Adrien Miller, Joe Vollan, John Osgood, Kyle Kesterson, Kim McCarthy, Michelle Anderst, & Bobbi Eperson just to name a few.

“The number one goal for the DELI Art Series is to promote the work of our local artist and give customers the ability to own a t-shirt that is more than just a design…It is a piece of art!”

About DELI– Located in the heart of Pioneer Square at 87 Yesler, Seattle, WA 98104. DELI is a premium men and women’s boutique housing independent designers and contemporary lifestyle brands. Store hours Mon-Sat 11-7.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

2nd Annual Snowmen on Parade in Greenwood-Phinney

We're still looking for artists who are interested in doing a good deed for the holidays!

Above are snowmen decorated by Seattle artists John Osgood & Soopajdelux from 2008

All snowmen will be displayed at neighborhood businesses along Greenwood & Phinney Ave N for one month and will be featured during the next two monthly art walks on November 13th & December 11th from 6-9pm. The snowmen will be featured on the Greenwood-Phinney Chamber website and auctioned off at a final celebration event at SPACE: a design collective. All proceeds collected will be given to the N. Seattle Boys and Girls Club in Greenwood.

The snowmen are 2-d plywood cut-outs and they do need to be primed on both sides. They can be decorated on one or both sides and they are meant to be indoor/outdoor, so decorations must be weather-proof.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Michele Osgood at Bherd Studios Gallery via email: gallery@bherdstudios.com or by phone: 206-234-8348.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Screen-printing by hand at Bherd Studios

When you buy that t-shirt in the store--whether it shows your favorite sports team or some other mass manufactured name brand--you must wonder how that image got on that shirt. While I don't know how a big company might do it, today I learned how John does it - and how anyone could do it right out of their own house.

Today began with plastic transfers of some images that are ultimately going to be used as a wheatpasting project for a piece of artwork for "urban constructions" in January. With three lamps fastened to chairs, John showed me how to expose the images onto the screen. Atop this "OSGOOD" sweatshirt, we exposed the screen to the light of the bulbs, exposing everything not covered by the black lines of the plastic transfer.

After that we finished the printing process by running paint over our exposed screen. With smooth black fabric paint, a health insurance card, and a long screen squeegee, we spread layer upon layer of black paint through the screen and onto our paper. The end product, after some practice and some mistakes, yielded these printed images.

Above are pieces that Kevin "Sensei23" Sullivan, Zachary Bohnenkamp, and Cash donated to the project.

Andy Wong, Intern
Bherd Studios

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"We Built This To Leave" at Vermillion: Fri, Nov 6

You are invited to attend the opening reception for the exhibition "We Built This To Leave" by Sharon Arnold, Ryan Molenkamp and Trevor Johnson at Vermillion gallery.

Friday November 6th, from 6-11pm

Artwork by Ryan Molenkamp

Plus Musical performance by The Western Cup at 8pm

We Built This To Leave

This show speaks to the obsessive creator in all of us. From our youngest memory of playing with blocks to the daily compartmentalization of our lives we are always building, organizing, and making something new. Each artist in this show explores what we are so busy building, why we are compelled to do so, how those creations impact the environment, and what becomes of the left over materials.

Trevor Johnson's formal exploration of discarded Styrofoam packing materials speak to the reuse of objects that would otherwise be landfill. The improvisational methods used to create his sculptures may seem akin to playing with blocks, but their elegant compositions show a mature consideration for building that can only come from practice.

Sharon Arnold's pieces exhibit the work of an artist whose focus is process itself. Her obsessive works allude to both individual and industrial labor. The resulting sculptures and drawings carry a sense of time and effort put in by the laborious, repetitive efforts of the artist.

Ryan Molenkamp's paintings vary in their approach from seemingly harmonious explorations of structured forms inhabiting landscape to more perilous scenes of conflict between man-made structure and environment.

Vermillion is located at 1508 11th Ave, Seattle
Show dates: November 3rd-29th
Tue-Sun 4pm-10pm/close

Friday, October 16, 2009

Free Art Friday is Back Tonight in Greenwood!

"Left Turn" is going out to the peeps in the greenhood tonight. If you happen to be around we just dropped the FAF piece. Here are a few photo hints to help you find it...

There is a huge island in Alaska that this bar is named after...

Not far from that is the drop point...

The piece has found it's temporary hiding place until someone notices that there is a FAF on the loose!

Trick or Treat Greenwood!


Your friendly neighborhood art gallery, Bherd

Solace, Chris Sheridan & More at Artifakt's Kristos Show: Sat Oct 17th

Continuing its monthly series, Artifakt hosts The Signature Gallery, which showcases the works of local artists Solace, Chris Sheridan & Shirley Benton this Saturday at Kristos.

Artwork by Solace

Artwork by Chris Sheridan

Artwork by Shirley Benton

Plus Featured Music:
Party rockers and indie dance smashers from Kassette, with residents Flat Black and Bryan J. Furious.

Kristos - 3218 Eastlake Avenue - Seattle, WA
Doors: 7pm -12am • No Cover Charge • Bar for 21+
www.artifaktart.org/signature • www.kristoseastlake.com
Free parking! Food and drink specials!

Hope to see you out there tomorrow night!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Friday's Art Show at The Greenwood Collective Through the Eyes of the Intern

I will admit it...I am a self-proclaimed "Bellevue Kid". Travel due east of the city, over bridges and rundown highways, and you will find my home--a suburban, safe, and sometimes mind-numbingly boring city. I like to refer to Bellevue as an overgrown suburb of Seattle--one with a thyroid condition. I am not used to one way streets, cool, urban art studios, walking on sidewalks, or really anything happening in town past 9 PM. So when the art show began on Friday evening, October 9th, I found myself submersed in a new and unknown world. I stepped out of my intern space at Bherd Studio to get a personal preview of all the art holding a hastily folded piece of paper for notes. The first thing I wrote and triple-underlined, "This is not Bellevue anymore...." Instead, it was a new dose of thoughtful, eye catching, and fun art work.

I wandered past the DJ setting up his turn tables--DJ Swervewon--and into the Brand Vibes Studio showing Rabid Child Photography, a collection called "Snaps". The gallery was in a space resembling a 70's living room with a faded paisley print sofa and fireplace. Hanging from the walls in a studio were photographs of local hip hop artists that captured the personalities of each musician as well as the feeling of the musical genre as a whole.

Next was KillahB studios showing work made by Jon Smith and Owen, titled "Something is Better than Nothing". In this space was a platformed loft where artists in The Greenwood Collective sat and caught up before the show began. The work was screen prints and stencil work on different surfaces from old newspapers to rounded rectangles cut from vinyl records. The images were a collection of great American icons, Bob Dylan lyrics, and poster work done for musical groups.

In another studio space I explored, there were interpretive paintings of Carol Puri. There were expressionistic landscapes and other more abstract pieces open to the interpretation of the audience. A white canvas sat on an easel that read "Make your mark!" I was incredibly tempted to leave my favorite quote or scratch down a quick doodle, but I found myself too timid to disturb any of the other marks left by everybody else who had past through the studio.

In Urban Light Studios was a collection of altered guitars called "Art Axes" done by Doug Keith. The work ranged from guitars inspired by America's musical past to works of illustration inspired by fairy tales and Pike Place Market. My personal favorite was the guitar inspired by "The War of the Worlds", a scene depicting a city under attack by alien spaceships. Also in the studio were the photographs of Urban Light Studios owner, Kevin Law and the poster work of Tom Dewar.

Finally I found my way back to Bherd Studios. I walked past the sliding door painted with one of John Osgood's murals. Inside the pure white room were colorful paintings for different people with different personalities. John was doing a live painting demonstration in the corner, working with bright paints as people watched him work. The work was varied, from works of watercolors on one wall, to oil paintings on another, to the screen printed t-shirts.

The night was unlike anything I had ever expected. A far cry from the quite and somewhat unnerving galleries I'm used to wandering into when in Pioneer Square, The Greenwood Collective put on a show that was full of life and personality. I could feel the individuality of each artist and studio, and as a whole, saw how the collective really came together.

Andy Wong
Gallery Intern

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Matamuros & Bherd Team Up for Seattle ProSki's Urban Art Mural

Over the weekend (Sat & Sun) Zachary Bohnenkamp, John Osgood & Kevin "Sensei23" Sullivan teamed up to create a new urban art mural for Seattle ProSki Shop located on 90th and Aurora. The following is a photo recap of their work in progress, but I wanted to start off with their finished photo below...

Scaffolding up and Zach is assessing the situation...

A good beginning, Kevin is rockin the Yeti...

Close up of Kevin in progress...

John is making his way to the top to work on the lettering...

Saturday night and off to Ivar's Happy Hour for some food & beer after a long day of painting...

Back to work on Sunday and they've got an audience watching the final detailing...

Some final close-ups of each section....

And they're done Sunday at 5pm- photo op time...

John took this photo of Zach & Kevin snapping some picts (a great shot with the mural in the sideview mirror of Zach's van)...

The team had a great time working on this project together and they're definitely down for any future projects. If interested, please feel free to contact us at gallery@bherdstudios.com

Michele O.
Bherd Studios

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Urban Soule's Zombieware is Ghoulishly-Ghood!

Don't miss out on Soule's Zombieware edition mugs and plates. Her new Zombie designed ware has recently been featured on the HGTV Blog, Seattlest, Shellterrific and more...

Hand painted plate with a gloss black Zombie, each Zombie is unique due to being hand painted you will never find another Zombie like this one!

8.5" inch round (side plate)

4" inch round
holds roughly 10-12oz

Zombieware can be purchase on Soule's Etsy Site.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Greenwood Collective: Greenwood Monthly Art Walk Fri. Oct 9 from 6-9pm

We've got a great line-up at The Greenwood Collective tomorrow evening, you won't want to miss out!

At Bherd Studios Gallery we have John Osgood "In Character"

Osgood paints to express human emotion whether it is humorous, depressing or inspiring. He's very process oriented: he throws, drips, blocks and layers paint - never knowing what he's going to get when he begins. He uses vibrant contrasting color palettes to illicit a "pop" factor. He believes that colors pull people into his paintings and often juxtaposes bright vivid color with depressing emotions to provide balance and to surprise the viewer.

Artist-in-Residence and co-owner of Bherd Studios, John Osgood, brings the heat with fresh urban contemporary paintings. Stop in for the Artist Reception and see John in progress creating a new painting. Plus enjoy refreshments and good company!

Next door to our gallery at Urban Light Studios "Music Rocks"...

· ART AXES by Doug Keith - Artist painted guitars from award-winning Seattle illustrator

· Ax Man Performance - A rare solo performance by the ax man himself, legendary session player and accompanist Joel Tepp.

· Rock Posters by Tom DeWar - Seattle-based rock poster designer, screen printer, illustrator and graphic designer for bands including The Decemberists. All posters are screen printed, mounted and ready to hang.

Across the hall at Brand Vibes check out SNAPS by Rabid Child Images...

A photographic exhibition featuring portraits of Seattle hip hop artists on display in Brand Vides in association with Out for Stardom.


The Greenwood Collective is a shared creative work space with seven working artist studios and galleries. We are located at: 8537 Greenwood Ave N Suite 1, Seattle, WA 98103. (The GC is next to Gary's Games & Hobby in the same building)