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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Deli features John Osgood: Sept 3rd (1st Thurs Pioneer Square)

Swing by Deli on 87 Yesler Way to check out Osgood live painting & art and beverages for September's 1st Thursday in Pioneer Square.

If you're not familiar with Deli, it is a men's urbanwear boutique that houses independent designers and contemporary lifestyle brands. With a history of family owned deli's in the Seattle area and an interest in high fashion, Max Heigh set out to create a store which merges the two ideals in a unique way. Deli strives to create a unique experience while showcasing up-and-coming and sought-after brands that provides a positive message through their clothing.

We hope to see you out this Thursday!!

John O.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Artifakt Presents: The Graffiti Show at Nectar | Fri Aug 28

The streets are brought to life when Artifakt's third annual all graffiti jam comes to the Nectar Lounge on August 28th, showcasing some of Seattle's top writers and urban artists. Fronting the massive hip hop lineup is Sleep of Oldominion fame, exhibiting his near legendary mastery of diction and rapid-fire delivery.

Conscious rap trio Life Cycle celebrate their new free downloadable EP release, with local heroes B-Awake, Scribes, Rockwell Powers and the Filejerks in tow. Gatsby of They Live! and Cancer Rising rounds out the bill with hosting duties.

Aerosol wizards Aerub, Charms, Keger, and Video display paintings of their wild style lettering on Nectar's upper level with a live graffiti mural by two of the featured artists on the outside patio.

Nectar Lounge - www.nectarlounge.com
412 N 36th St. In Fremont - Seattle, WA
$5 before 10pm, $8 after 21+ w/ ID
Doors: 8pm - 2am Web: www.artifaktart.com

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Stencil Classes offered by Artist Soule

"Urban Buddha" by Soule

No country craft stencils here!
It looks like silk screening, but it's stenciling!

The Stencil class will be taught by Kim McCarthy aka SOULE of Urban Soule Design.

This class jumps into action with Kim guiding you through the entire process from the creation of the stencil, to applying the stencil image on multiple surfaces,using a variety of mediums. Learn to transfer your images onto fabric, paper, wood and many other surfaces.

This is a very fun, hands-on class so you should wear "painting clothes".

Students are encouraged to give renewed life to their vintage clothes, bags, 100% cotton shirt or fabric. (100% cotton works best but a cotton/poly blend will do, shirts with ribbing (raised vertical lines) do NOT stencil well) also recommend: pillow cases, tote bags, sketchbooks, canvas, etc... which you should bring to apply your stencil(s) on.

* All paint and other materials will be provided for use in the class only. (other stencil material, X-acto knife, cutting board and paints)

Bring your own black and white image to use for the stencil
(printed on paper), keep in mind you may be tracing the image so the simpler and cleaner the lines, the better.

No more than 5 students per class to allow for plenty of individual instruction.

You will leave the class with your printed stenciling samples, instructions, the custom stencils that you designed for this class, and the confidence to personalize your life with creative stenciling designs!

Ages 18+ only. All levels welcome.

Cost: $65.00 per person (includes materials fee)

Time: Roughly 2-3hrs

You can reach Kim at urbansoule@gmail.com for more information

Monday, August 24, 2009

Matamuros at Artoleptic 2009

Here's a photo recap of Zachary Bohnenkamp & Kevin "Sensei23" Sullivan of Matamuros at Artoleptic 2009 yesterday.

Unfortunately, the sun started going down at this point...

It was a great day hanging out and watching the progression of the murals. Altogether there were 9 artist teams on the free-standing walls and a few artists that brought their own boards to work on, as well as a few artists booths. John had one of the artists booths and he worked on some pieces while we were there. Here is one of the new pieces he finished that day...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The art of Soule -- artist & curator extaordinaire

I wanted to do a feature on Soule, who for the 2nd time, has curated a fabulous exhibit that is currently showing in our gallery. Let me just put it this way - the woman amazes me. I'm not quite sure where she gets her energy from, but I'm determined to find out her secret! And I want to publically thank her for all her hard work in putting together Urban Decay for Bherd Studios Gallery!

You can catch her this weekend at Artoleptic along with other urban contemporary artists...

She is one of the 42 artists involved in the City Hostel Seattle project...

She curated a great show -- "Urban Decay" this month at Bherd...

Here's a selection of her artwork in our gallery...

Recently had a piece featured in NW Palate July/Aug edition...

Has a section on stenciling in this book coming out this fall...

"Glee" a new tv series this fall in episode 10 -- Soule's DJ Sake 1 will be in the set dressing scene...

Plus, she is also one of the featured artists in a recently published book on stencil artists. You can buy the book directly from her by contacting her through her website.

If you're a venue interested in having her show for 2010, she is currently booking out exhibits now - just email her through her website.

Plus she exhibits her work all across the US, Canada as well as Europe. And you can catch her locally at many art fairs and exhibits. You can see all of her upcoming events by visiting Soule's website.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Urban Decay Exhibit Recap...

Our Urban Decay exhibit opening was on Friday, August 14th along with a bunch of other fabulous urban art events around the city. So if you happened to miss the show and still want to check out a stellar line-up of artists (some of which are national and international artists who have not shown in Seattle before) then you'll want to stop in before the end of August.

Hey, who was checking ID at this establishment, that kid is clearly way to young to be drinking beer!

Artwork by PaperMonster

Artwork by Aaron Kraten, Avive & Soule*
(from left to right)
*Soule is the curator for Urban Decay

Artwork by Koleszar & PaperMonster
(from left to right)

Artwork by Tim Kapler & Michelle Smith-Lewis
(from left to right)

Artwork by Jeff Ross

Artwork by Omino71, Mr. Klevra, Gurldogg & Tim Blackburn
Artwork in the case by Tim Kapler & Avive

The gallery is open Wed - Friday from 12pm-6pm and by appointment by calling Michele at (206) 234-8348.

Bherd Studios Gallery

Thursday, August 13, 2009

John Osgood: Halogen Mural - Done (Ready For The Show)

Some times this is how I start my paintings. When I don't have something that I already want to do I let loose and just start tossing color up on the wall (or canvas). As you can see from the beginning and the finished piece, some things make it and some don't. I do this to break up the space and to give me lines, colors, and shapes to look at. Rather than looking at a blank wall, I have something to work with.


(Finished piece.)

(My work space.)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

John Osgood: Halogen Gallery Mural Beginning

This is the beginning of the mural I'm doing for the show that I am part of at Halogen Gallery in Belltown (opening this Friday, August 14th). I will be finishing it tonight along with hanging my artwork. It has been a ridiculous last thirty days of go, go, go. When I complete this mural tonight, it will have been my third mural within one months time. (Crazy.) I definitely feel like I have been working my tail off and burning my candle at both ends, but it has been a great time and experience. I love it when I have too much on my plate, but I still get to everything and work hard to finish it. I want to thank everyone who has kept my spirits up, helped me out, and has given me compliments. Over the last month I have met a lot of cool people and hopefully have started some good working relationships that will continue for a long time.

So here is the line up for the next four days.

Twilight Artist collective, "Stop, Collaborate", 6-9pm West Seattle

1."Urban Decay", Bherd Studios, Curated by Soule, 6-9pm Greenwood
2.Halogen Gallery, 6-9pm Belltown
3.City Hostel Seattle, 2nd Battery Belltown 6-9pm

Fresh Paint Art Festival in Everett

Fresh Paint Art Festival in Everett

If you have any questions feel free to email us at gallery@bherdstudios.com

John O.

Monday, August 10, 2009

John Osgood: City Hostel Seattle Project- I'm Done With My Room

One week ago I was sitting in a room, in the new Seattle City Hostel with blank walls, a black conte crayon, and no clue to what I was going to do. But with time against me I didn't have time to be indecisive and I had to just get going and hope that something would come out. (Which I think it did). But as yesterday started I didn't know if my own personal goal of being done with the room was going to get accomplished because of one wrong turn.

I was on my way to the Twilight Artist Collective in West Seattle, (an amazing place to find artwork if you ask me), to drop of this piece for a show called "Stop Collaborate"...

...I took a wrong turn into downtown Seattle right in the middle of traffic (Mariner"s traffic). As I was making the worng turn and noticing the endless line of cars not moving infront of me I was wondering if I could throw my truck into reverse and get back onto the freeway. Which I didn't but it defintiely crossed my mind. So I sat there, mad as sin, with time on my hand to plan my next moves to get to the the collective. I want to say I was in the non moving line for about 30 minutes. (Note to self: try to avoid Mariners traffic at all cost.) But soon I was on my way and back in the world of moving traffic and trying to get to my destination. But that seemed like a whole other chore. I felt like Lewis or Clark trying to get over to West Seattle. But I did get stopped by this train and it is always nice to see someones work floating by.

So fast forward, I make it to the collective drop off my work and now onto the hostel where I the big list of things I need to do to be done awaits.

This was a very fun and enlightening project. I feel blessed to have worked with so many talented Seattle artist. From viewing how other people work, ideas about the Seattle art scene, and just making some new friends, the experience was well worth the hard work and time.

And at this time I'd like to give a shout out to my wife. If it wasn't for her I'd still be working like a dog trying to get things done. It definitely helped me in the long run and I could not have continued at the pace I was going if it wasn't for her. I love you Babe!

The entrance to my room.

A little past the entrance.

Bubbles, Red Beard grabbing stars.

The queen sized bed is going infront of the window.

Grabbing for stars.

Blower wishing upon the dandleheads.

Ceiling of stars. It was not easy painting those bad boys. 31 stars, 10 strokes to make a star, doing it twice to hide paint stroke, times 2 colors, equals 1240 paint stokes for the the stars alone (half of them upside down).

Now onto the next mural which I am doing at Halogen gallery which almost across the street from the Seattle City Hostel.


Go to the Flickr page to see more rooms: City Hostel Seattle

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

August 1st Thursday: Pioneer Square

There's nothing like a lovely summer evening strolling around and checking out the treasure of art galleries/venues in Pioneer Square! And I'll give you 3 good reasons, not to miss this month's 1st Thursday.

Reason #1:

"Comb Over" by John Osgood

John Osgood has a line-up of fun cut-out artwork showing at Blank Space Gallery. John had the unique opportunity of being one of the 1st artist to show at Blank Space Gallery the summer of 2006 and "Cut It Out" will also be the last show for the gallery. Although, we are sad that they will be closing their exhibition space, we are happy and excited for them to focus their efforts as a design duo.

Blank Space Gallery is located in the 619 Western Building in Pioneer Square.

Reason #2:

"Mini #30" by Kate Protage
5" x 5"
Oil on Canvas

Fresh off the line, Kate Protage has painted her -- you know what off! She has produced (30) 5" x 5" pieces for this August exhibit aptly called "XS" at La Familia Gallery. She describes her work as "the beginning of a story—a space that is somewhat recognizable and familiar, but leaves room for the story of the viewer’s choosing." Which explains why I always get a eeiry feeling of deja vu when I look at her paintings.

Reason #3:

Our friend Max at Deli is showing a wonderful urban contemporary artist, Joe Vollan this month. Deli is located on 87 Yesler Way and is a men's urban wear boutique that carries independent and contemporary lifestyle brands.

We hope to see you out and about this Thursday. Please stop in and say hello at Blank Space Gallery!