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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Urban Craft Uprising Recap

Hey team!,
So Urban Craft Uprising was here and now is gone, but not forgotten. Both Michele and I had a really good time being a part of this event. Every time we do something like this, we find out just how much we can do with what we have. The U.C.U was Sat. & Sun, Dec 1st & 2nd. Being the procrastinators that Michele and I are we didn't really start getting the ball rolling until maybe last Wednesday. With two people, a monster job to deal with, and starting as late as we did, it was not good for our sleeping schedules. Also thrown in the mix was showing some artwork friday night at an open house out in Alki. The weekend was a blurr and Michele and I managed to stay on our feet the whole time. That was until we were packing up. When I was running to get my truck, Michele was wheeling the desk on wheels that we were using for one of our displays, up the ramp with three boxes of stuff that we had. Old desk on wheels, three heavy boxes, and a divit in the sidewalk that Michele didn't see, equals completely broken desk, boxes and everything that we had on the desk now on the ground. Not fun. But it made everything that more urgent, and urgency made for a quick get away. Ha cu nu ma tada means no worries and we were off with our first year of Urban Craft Uprising under our belts. Michele and I are looking forward to next year where we are already planning on having a bigger both. One that will facilitate both our clothing and my artwork. ( We only had room for our clothing this year.) So thank you to everyone that came down to support us and the U.C.U.

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