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Thursday, May 15, 2008

May, so far...

With a handful of photos on the camera and some fun times that have happened, I thought it was a good time to give a 411 on what's been going on lately. (Yep I really did drop the "411".) So the recent run of the never ending schedule started on May 1st. Bherd Studios was invited by a great non-profit group called "The Positive Project" throwing a fund raiser. The Positive Project is a group that educates and documents the experience of people around the world that have been diagnosed with HIV. That night they had a casino night with a jazz band and our "art gallery" at the Space Needle. It was a fun evening filled with gambling, music, drinks, art and a fabulous view. This is what our set up looked like.

Next line of order was the set up for the Greenwood Art Walk. This was my second art walk in Greenwood. The last time I was in the Greenwood Art Walk was about four years ago. I was asked last minute to fill in for someone and didn't really know what was going on. This year as a resident of Greenwood I tried it out to see how my neighborhood faired in the art walk arena. This picture below was taken at the Greenwood Collective. And if you haven't heard of the this place you should keep your ears open, it's where it's at!

This is the set of paintings that I had across the way from the Greenwood Collective at Northside Moroccan Grill.

After running around like a chicken with our heads cut off for too long, Michele and I decided that we needed to get out of town for a bit. So for our two year anniversary we went over to Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands. We stayed in a nice room that had it's own hot tub and we just RE-LAXED.
We were there for three days. On the second day we were there, we went on a whale watching tour. There were no whales but we did see Team Zissou documenting some marine mammals while we were checking out the dolphins.

Here's a picture of a white-sided dolphin. I guess it was a rare sighting for these dolphins in this area of water. It was pretty cool to see these dolphins playing with us while they were swimming around. They covered a lot of territory pretty quick -- they're fast little buggers.

Here is an island that is owned by the creator of Oakley sunglasses. This island was once used for bringing exotic rams, deer, and sheep to the island. This picture doesn't have any animals in it which I find amazing because they were all over the place.

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