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Monday, July 14, 2008

West Seattle Summer Fest Art Dive Recap

Doesn't it always seem like when you anticipate something, when it arrives it comes and goes way too fast. Well that was the case with the West Seattle Summer Fest. Located on California Street 3 blocks of booths and tables were set up to promote everything from artwork, crafts, and jewelery to food, real estate options, and what ever else you could possibly imagine. The festival started on Friday morning and ended on Sunday night. On the first day it was kind of slow. I think it was because everyone was still at work. But once the weekend got there it was a pretty fast pace event. To talk about everything that happened would create a very long blog, but I will give you the highlights. Across from our booth was the Rat City Roller girls and their dunk tank. I could not belive how many people paid five buck for 3 chances to dunk the girls. The R.C.R's were a pretty lively group and they looked like they were having fun the whole time. Also close to us was the one of the two stages for the live bands. During the last band on Sunday there was this old dude wear all neon dancing around with neon scarfs that he was handing out to everyone that was cutting a rug. It was a pretty humorous and colorful display of people having a good time. And it did not go unoticed by the group that was performing. The bass player gave a shout out to the "Neon Gramps" inbetween a couple of their songs, ( Hey lets give it up for the old man with the neon scarves. You rock dude! You definitely get a cd.")

This was a fun event and Michele and I are ready to do it again next year. From the people watching, selling our clothes and some artwork, to meeting some of the vendors that were around us, this event was pretty cool. If you missed out this time you'll just have to wait until next year to get to enjoy it.

Finally I would like to thank the girls from Twilight Artist Collective for keeping us refreshed. I would also like to thank the booth that was making the Philly Cheese Steaks. And I would also like to thank the parking gods for giving me good parking for the whole weekend.

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