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Thursday, May 21, 2009

What I am working on

So I am working on a few projects right now and I thought to myself, show the world what you are up to. This is a small sample of the things that are works in progress.

This is a piece which I call " Chics Dig The Datsun"

This is an illustration, 15" x 15", that I am working on for Bherd Studios next show called "Fresh Ink". Bobbi Jo Epperson and Darin Shuler will also being showing work as well. June 12th 6-9p, @ the Underground of the Greenwood Collective.

This is a portion of a painting that I am doing called "Protection #5: Norweigen Wood"

And this is an update of the peguin that I am painting for the promotion of the new Woodland Park Zoo Penguin exhibit.

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