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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Portland Artists Vaquero & Jeremy Nichols: Catch 'em while you can!

We currently have two Portland artists in our 3 gallery collab show "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" exhibition. The show continues through Friday, July 31st, so you have another week to catch the show before these pieces go back down to Portland.

"Valley Floaters" by Jeremy Nichols
25" x 25"
Mixed Media on Panel

Jeremy Nichols
Portland, OR
Jeremy Nichols (Raskoe) holds a B.F.A. in printmaking from The Ohio State University. His interest in graffiti and skateboarding brought him into the art world. Originally born in Tokyo, Japan, the artist now resides in Portland, Oregon where he is a freelance artist/designer.

In his artwork, he tries to show the near future of environments, space, humans, and animals as well as their attachment to material, and technological advances in their quest to achieve fulfillment through their artificial reality. He also tries to express the figure’s psychological and sociological interactions with in their environment in a surreal manner. The figures in his images demonstrate their own search for clarity, direction, or even one’s self, yet often tend to follow the leader as they float in space.

"Life Aquatica" by Jeremy Nichols
25" x 25"
Mixed Media on Panel

"Worms" by Jeremy Nichols
25" x 19.25"
Mixed Media on Panel

Stephen “Vaquero” Williams
Portland, OR
Born in Sacramento California, Stephen V. Williams is a self taught artist who explores the world of graffiti, surrealism, and sci-fi. Stephen's current abode is Portland, Oregon, where he spends his days making music and art.

In his youth, he began exploring his inner world through comic book illustrations, focusing mostly on villains. His work often blurs the line between subtle dreamscapes and nightmarish imagery, leading his viewers on a journey into the subconscious chaos of reveries. Organic, mystic, solemn, vibrant, and alive, his art resonates within the deepest notions of what it means to be human.

"The Extractor" by Stephen "Vaquero" Williams
15.25" x 12.25"
Prismacolor on bristol paper

"Totem" by Stephen "Vaquero" Williams
15" x 6'
Acrylic on Wood

"Sea Totem" by Stephen "Vaquero" Williams
12" x 6"
Acrylic on canvas

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