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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Greenwood Collective Highlights for March 12th Art Walk

Hobo Eaters: Agents of Chaos

This show is a collection of Beery's coveted hobo characters that maniacally made their way into Seattle’s streets and the hearts of our NW culture. The collection consists of original pieces that are hand inked and painted with wood stain on various wood panels in a variety of sizes. Besides the originals there will also be limited edition prints, jumbo posters, and a line of limited edition tees that all reflect these grungy agents of chaos. He will be giving away a free print and a free tee randomly to those who sign up at the Band Vibes space. Come join Beery for a night of bad-ass art and mayhem…It’s gonna be an epic event of diabolical debauchery full of twisted 50’s animated style hobos!

The term hobo-eater refers to an entity who, through ritual means, would take on by means garbage and liquor the sins of a deceased bum, thus absolving his or her soul and allowing that person of the street to rest in peace.

What was once a ritual performed by beggars and vagabonds in certain villages of bygone years is now performed in a reverse of roles by animated entities who take on the form of the hobo whose diabolical lifestyle is reflected upon the appearance of the hobo-eater. The hobo-eater would be brought to the dying vagrant’s curbside or stoop, where a neighborhood drifter would place a crust of dumpster pizza on the chest of the dying and pass a 40 oz. of malt liquor to him over the corpse. After reciting the ritual, he would then drink and remove the crust from the derelict tramp and eat it, the act of which would remove the sins and deadbeat-scars from the dying transient and take it into himself.

Often times hobo-eaters are not only filled with the sins and scars of the deceased but take on a ghostly appearance, ragged with the lines of deceit and chemical abuse of the former vessel. The result is a vaporous apparition whose tattered clothes and grungy attitude is forever portrayed among the urban environment. Thus the ethereal term Agents of Chaos has come as a contemporary descriptor for these aeon old hobo-eaters who are destined to drift the streets perpetually consuming fiendish souls.

Presenting the urban contemporary work of Jeremy Gregory, PaperMarbleS and John Osgood. Although each artist has their own distinct style, they have many common elements that they use throughout their work, including their odd sense of humor, strange character portraits and twisted sensibilities. The artists did not talk about what themes they were going to create for the show ahead of time. As you'll see there are some uncanny correlations in their artwork, almost as if they were psychically picking up on each others thoughts (kind of creepy!).

Contemporary artwork by Tessa Hulls.Plus live music by Decateur Buff, NW Twang & Grove Band from 8-9pm.

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