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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

P.T.S. Session #1: Solace Wonder, Seattle Urban Contemporary Artiste

If you know us, you probably have been hearing some rumblings about this project for a couple months now. We are proud to say that we have put out our 1st session of P.T.S. (aka "Peep This Studio") featuring Solace Wonder. Take a moment to check it out:

Artist Bio:

sol·ace [ sólləss ]

1. relief from emotional distress: comfort at a time of sadness, grief, or disappointment

2. source of comfort: somebody or something that provides comfort at a time of sadness, grief, or disappointment

I call myself an urban artist or street artist because my work is influenced by street culture and highly inspired by graffiti. While graffiti is normally rooted in letterforms, I lean towards the character design element. My pacific-northwest surroundings instill a respect for nature that is personified in my work. Via organic textures, vibrant colors, and a graphic painterly approach, I attempt to meld city life with the tranquility of uninhabited lands. Through a blend of mediums, aerosol propelled and acrylic, I concoct my background landscapes and finish them with the character design. I call my characters "wanders." The wanders are unique in perspective and rely on body language over facial expression to tell their story. I am always looking to progress my style and increase my stable of characters while challenging conventional mediums. The mediums most utilized at this time are canvas, large-scale mural production, custom vinyl toys, original plush toys, and live painting.

About P.T.S. Sessions
P.T.S. is the latest project of Bherd Studios Gallery as a way to document and promote Seattle urban contemporary artists and the scene that is continuing to blossom in our area. We are currently working with artists who have previously shown in our gallery and our goal is to produce a monthly P.T.S. Session that will be posted on our blog and promoted through our social media.

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