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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lucien Knuteson: He Shoots People!

"Road Kill" by Lucien Knuteson

Stop by Gainsbourg across the street from Bherd Studios to see the thought-provoking and humorous photography of Lucien Knuteson. Gainsbourg is part of the 2nd Friday artwalk and it's a great place to grab a bite to eat before you get started or even for a late night cocktail and snack after the artwalk is over.

About the Artist:
I hang my hat on the west coast by I’m from Wisconsin, where I grew up riding my bike, playing in trees, and taking pictures. I still enjoy all these things, although I’m spending less time in trees these days. I try to make images that make people smile.

Also, and I mention this only because people often ask, “Lucien” is actually a French name (and I am not French) from the Latin word “lux”, which means “light”. That’s really quite a coincidence, as I feel relatively sure that my parents, careful though they are to plan ahead, could not be certain I would choose to pursue photography.

See more at lucienknuteson.com + facebook.com

Also check out an interview with the artist from Redefine Magazine

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