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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Now Carrying a Selection of Montana 94 at Bherd!

We have the following selected colors now in stock at Bherd Studios
All colors are priced at $5.75 per can and all are 400ml size:

Light Yellow 94 R-1021
Party Yellow 94 RV-20
Eldorado 94 RV-177
Orange 94 R-2004
Solar Orange 94 RV-50
Phoenix Orange 94 RV-108
Intense Red 94 R-3001
Fever Red 94 R-3017
Acai Red 94 RV-166
Persia Violet 94 RV-170
Cosmos Violet 94 RV-28
Tokyo Pink 94 RV-164
Erika 94 R-4003
Dark Blue 94 R-5005
Hyrda Blue 94 RV-149
Freedom Blue 94 RV-151
Amazonas Green 94 R-6009
Valley Green 94 R-6018
Oregano Green 94 RV-129
Monserrat 94 RV-96
Tibet 94 RV-178
Bean Brown 94 RV-98
Ebony Brown 94 RV-101
Siberia Grey 94 R-7047
Icarus Grey 94 RV-121
White 94 R-9010
Black 94 R-9011

Color Chart

Also a small selection of caps: NY Fat, Skinny Pro and 94 Caps in stock.

Learn more about the product.

This is our first order, so there will be a bit of a learning curve on which colors are the most popular, but we'll keep you updated on what we have through our blog. We can also provide special order pre-paid service on upcoming orders. Please email us if you have any questions: gallery@bherdstudios.com

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