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Monday, April 18, 2011

"The Birds" at Twilight Artist Collective: Art Opening Recap

"Welcome to New Mexico"
by Zachary Bohnenkamp

The artist opening for "The Birds" curated by yours truly (Bherd) at Twilight Artist Collective was a real hoot last Thursday. In case you missed it, we wanted to give you a photo recap and encourage you to stop by TwAC in West Seattle before the show is over.

About "The Birds":
Eleven Seattle urban contemporary artists consider the darker side of birds, inspired loosely on Alfred Hitchcock’s classic movie “The Birds”. Featuring the works of: Zach Bohnenkamp, CASH, Ego, Mary Enslow, Laura Louise Hines, Tessa Hulls, John Osgood, Sensei23, Chris Sheridan, Erin Staffeld and Joe Vollan.

Most people see birds as fluffy and sweet songsters or a way to market your latest indie craft. However, these artists are examining the more sinister side of our feathered friends. Birds have been used as indicators of human health like the “Canary in the Coal Mine”, as well as, been seen as signs of the impending apocalypse like the recent large die-offs in the US and around the world. Pacific NW Native American’s have immortalized the Raven in stories as the Trickster, who can be mischievous and a bit of a troublemaker. And if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a dive bombing crow, or a pissed off Canadian Goose, you know they can be quite the nasty interloper. Artist opening, Thursday, April 14th from 6-9pm and showing through May 7th.

Artist reception.

Artwork by Zachary Bohnenkamp.

"Putrid Death from the Skies" (on left) & "Return of Putrid Death"
by Joe Vollan
$150 each or the set for $275

Artwork by Erin Staffeld

Artwork by Sensei 23

Artwork by Laura Louise Hines

Close-up of "Marabou Stork"
by Laura Louise Hines

Artwork by Tessa Hulls

"Alfred and Co."
by Mary Enslow

"I'm Scared" by Ego (on left) $300
"A Shallow Grave" by John Osgood (on right) $365

Artwork by CASH (2 on left)
Artwork by Chris Sheridan (on right)

Thank you to everyone who came out on Thursday and showed your support! "The Birds" are on exhibit through May 7th and Twilight Artist Collective is located in The Junction in West Seattle.

Twilight Artist Collective
4306 SW Alaska St.
Seattle, WA 98116
p 206.933.2444
M - F 11 - 7, Sat 10 - 6, Sun 10 - 5
(Located across the street from Key Bank, between Edie's Shoes and Easy Street Records.)

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