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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Greg Plumis Photography: Opening at Gainsbourg, Fri. July 8th

"Maya" by Greg Plumis

We're excited to announce that we have, Greg Plumis showing his fabulous photography at Gainsbourg in Greenwood (right across the street from Bherd Gallery) for our July showing. The art opening is Friday, July 8th from 6-9pm (during the Phinneywood artwalk) and will be on display through August 5th.

About the Artist:

Greg Plumis is a long-time photographer with a newly found focus: portraits. Raised by a large family – practically a Greek and Serbian village – in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood, Plumis has always valued company. This affinity for people naturally translates into his photography practice and allows him to capture subjects when they are comfortable, or naturally interacting with their environment. His love of socializing, of course, is only matched by his obsession with shooting film on old or toy cameras. If Greg had it his way, we’d never have progressed past the 4X5 camera – and our iPhones would only work with tripods. Be that as it may, for practical purposes, he splits his time between digital and film formats—sometimes even shooting Super 8, exercising his skill in both fine art and commercial projects. A soon to be graduate of the Commercial Photography program at Seattle Central’s Creative Academy, Plumis has experience shooting for editorial, corporate and nonprofit clients.

For more information, or to contact Greg, visit: gregplumisphotography.com


Harry Hilders said...

Interesting read!

Jimmy hickey said...

Sweet! Greg is a great photographer and this showing is going to be a blast! Wooo