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Thursday, April 12, 2007

What going on!

Michele and I are preparing for our second show on May 5th. Since our last show on March 17th I have been on a tear with creating new artwork. Almost to the point where I have too much going on (which is not a bad thing, being busy is good). From the last show that we had, I was commissioned to do my second biggest painting to date. I started working on a 8ft x 4ft canvas last week and I am excited to generate a beautiful piece, although I am realizing it is going to take a lot of detailed work to do it right. I also have another side project that I am working on for a friends band as well. If I can keep up a good rate of finding jobs and getting paid for them, who knows where I will be very soon. Hopefully my hard work will pay off and I will finally be on a road to my dreams.

On another note Michele and I have a limited run of dresses almost done and the men's short sleeved leisure shirt just needs to be printed. I have one of the leisure shirts myself and I have had many compliments.

Check out the new attire!

Hope everyone is doing well. Hasta

John O.

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