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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Soule and ArtReach Recap

What a fun last few days it has been. Michele and I both knew coming into October that we were going to be busy and our predictions were right. Last Saturday night we had Soule's show (see the first 4 pictures) where she exhibited her new and never before seen paintings at our gallery which were very cool. She uses stenciling techniques with spray paint on canvas and her style has definite street influence. She also had these little water color pieces framed in glass that make great gifts for friends or family (they ranged in price from $15 - $40).
I believe the highlight of the night was when my good friend Erik's parents showed up. Now Erik's family is very unique, they tell you exactly what is on their mind and they don't hold back and thats why I love them. Erik's mom could not beleive that we had a woman with a machine gun printed on some of our clothing and was baffled that would actually sell the product. But Erik's dad was the best. After taking a look and deciding which pieces he want to discuss he found the one that he didn't like and started our conversation like this. " John! I don't like this one and I'll tell you why!" I can't remember what he said because I was laughing so hard but the great thing is that he had any opinion and he let me have it. Ah the Halse's, there is no way that you can't love'em.

So that was Saturday night, Sunday was a day to recover (and watch the Hawks destroy the Rams Ah Shyeah!), Monday we got everything together for the Tuesday show (see last 4 pictures above), and then Tuesday is when Michele and I finalized all the details. So lets start the recap from the point of when Michele and I have the car packed with the paintings and we are pulling out of the Bherd Studios parking lot. As I am waiting to pull out into traffic, I am second guessing myself to as if I had brought my hammer for hanging my paintings. I trick myself into thinking that I did and continue on with my way. The whole way down to the show the idea was perched on my shoulder just talking to me like a little parrot. " Hey John! Arrck! Do you know or do you think you have the hammer? Arcck!" I never did have the hammer. Michele and I get down to the SeeSound Lounge, get a dope parking spot right infront of the place and then start hauling everything in. Now hanging my paintings is not something that I enjoy doing. There is measuring, estimating, and putting nails into walls that seem so permanent. (I have a problem with putting hole into walls, but these weren't my walls so it didn't matter.) We started at five and the hanging ended a little bit before 7pm. 2 Hours to hang, thats ridiculous. But paintings are up, Michele and I had some tacos, and the night was about to get under way.
After Michele and I got back from our dinner we got up the bar for a drink. Right before we ordered, someone from ArtReach told me that with my name tag I could get free drinks. Bonus! Lets just say there is a small dent in the Guiness keg today. So it didn't take long before the place was jumping with people. With the help of ArtReach, the people who put the show on, and the four other artists that were there to bring people in too, the turn out was great. Another thing that was great was that it didn't long for someone to come up and want to buy a painting. Only if you could have seen me with this potential buyer. I had no clue what I was suppose to be doing, who was taking the money, and who was taking credit cards. I can only imagine that I looked pretty out of sorts to this person. But after that first collector I was filled in on the information and it was all good. The night went great, all of the artist were real cool, and everyone with ArtReach was very appreciative, helpful, and excited to be a part of that event. If I had a chance to do it again futher down the road, it would be a definite yes!

Thanks to everyone that made it out to the shows. Our next event is November 17th "Pulp Depiction" Works on paper.

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