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Saturday, January 26, 2008


An American, in Canada, surrounded with Mexican wrestling ambience. If this was the scenario (and you were american) you would be on Robson Street, in Vancouver, B.C. at "EL KARTEL". http://www.elkartel.com/ .What an awesome little jem that just happened to fall into mine and Michele's lap's when we were on our way to go enjoy some sushi at Oysi Oysi. El Kartel has been open for 4 years and they do a rotating art exhibit every 6 weeks. In February they are having 40 artists for a custom shoe exhibit.

Filled with clothes, shoes, one of kind hand painted hats, clothing assesories, collectable toys, and a rotating collection of artwork this store had a little bit of everything. Also, the DJ was throwing down some funky cuts that definitely got me to move my feet in a fashion that might be considered dancing.

The artwork that was being shown was done by the Woodpile Collective http://thewoodpilecollective.blogspot.com/ .You should check out their blog, it has some pretty good photos of their work.
In the background is one of the co-owners of EL KARTEL. His name is Pablo. A very nice man that helped us out on our adventure looking for galleries. (Bruce is the other co-owner of EL KARTEL).
This is a pic of a mini mart that we saw after our EL KARTEL photo shoot. If you ask me this sort of looks like an Amsterdam Red Light District sort of business. Looks kind of shady.
This car had a working fountain on the hood.
( Husband: Alright Honey, I just glued the plastic lobster and the 8x10 picture of Harry Carey to the bumper. Right next to the stuffed Ernie & Bert dolls and the eight wood spoons. What else should we put on the bug besides this complete set of dominos, a hockey puck, and this half bag of granola mix?

Wife: Oh, I don't know. What about a water fountain on the hood?

H: Honey, you're a genius! I knew the bug was still missing something. Boy, the bug is almost done. Once the bug is complete we can take some time and try to figure out why the kids are embarassed to be seen with us.)

Route 99 on on way back into Washington State. On this bright, sunny winter day the reptition in the scenery was too beautiful and a photo needed to be taken.

Thanks to Bruce an Pablo for giving us some ideas on some galleries to go to and for letting Michele and I ask some questions and take some photos of their store. Finding that store was definitely one of the many highlights of our quick two day vaction in Vancouver B.C.

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