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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Amy Reinecke


Amy Reinecke, Seattle artist, sends us her submission of her glass artwork. While using the medium of glass, her themes are there for the viewers to build their own conceptual meanings.

(Detail of "Missle")

For the sake of artwork, and the continual discussion of it, I will lend my thoughts to these vibrant pieces. A neon missle pointing down, positioned between mirrors. I get the feeling that the reflection of the missle is a statement of the wars that are upon us. The neon representing the ever present glare that me must look at, that we need to look at. Also to note the glow on the walls, the effect illuminating from the neon missle. Maybe the effect of the glow is the missle on its surroundings and those who are touched by it.

2'H 4'W 2'D

When I think of nets, I think of my childhood and the bugs that my buddy Jason and I used to catch. With the colors provided, and the different shades of the colors when they overlap while looking at them, I get the feeling of youth, playfulness, and desire.

Thank you Amy for being the first artist to show the medium of glass. If anyone is interested in the either of the peices, Amy still has them and they are available for sale. To get in touch with Amy please writes us back at speakandbherd@hotmail.com and we will send the message on to Amy.

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