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Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Little Sample of "Love Is A Battlefield"

"Wishing For Her" 30" x 22" Collage, Acrylic, Spray, & Oil on Canvas

So the last few days I have been engulfed in a creative juggernaut. Since last Monday it has been go, go, go. It's kind of like that every time we have a show. Over the last few days I have been spreading myself thin. And today was no exception. The day started off with the cat meowing at my door. And that meow was just a smidge too early. It was early enough to wake this bag of bones up though and I am glad she did. A bowl of frosted mini wheats, a banana, a cup of joe, 9am, and I am out the door. My body was telling that I should not be awake, but I am, so lets get a move on. Now some people are reading this and saying give me a break! 9am! Early! Yep, that is early to me. Don't hate me, I am just lucky. (And I plan to stay there too.) Up to my parents house to work on frames for paintings that I need to get done before Saturday (Three more coats for "Wishing For Her" and "J+Y" and a final coat for "The Three Day Rule"). From there, a half hour drive downtown to pick up a painting at Harpers (Second and Seneca, where I am showing some artwork). Back to the shop where I meet with my contractor to build some shelves. (Oh it's so nice to have more room in my work space now). Next thing you know its five o'clock and I haven't started painting on any of the paintings that I need to finish by Saturday and I realize that I still have to do a Free Art Friday. (Greenwood, I have a big day tomorrow and you are first on my list). A little more painting to a point where I know I can finish it all tomorrow and I decide it is time to take a mental break. The last three nights I have been at the shop 12pm to 11pm. It's a little after seven and I call it a night. I go over to my buddy Erik's place, hang out for a bit, then realize that the silk screening for tomorrows Free Art Friday is not going to get done all by itself. I make 5 minute trek home and look for parking. Little did I know, but tonight everyone decided to park 5ft away from each and for some crazy reason I forgot how to parallel park. So I did the mile away park, got the mail, got inside the place, and did the first thing any animal owner should do, and gave the cat some love. But it did not take long before I knew that I was going to be turning right around. Cat litter was needed and it needed to be purchased now. Back out the door, a little long board ride down to Safeway, now I am back, and I am writing you.

But there has been one thing that has been missing in this crunch time before the show. Something that makes my life easier. That one thing that tells me everything is going be alright and everything is going to work out good. And that's Michele. She has been on the East coast since Monday and even when she is out there, working her tail off, she still keeps me up, and still keeps me going. I can't wait to pick her up and get my arms around her.

If you are still are reading this you should come out to the show on Saturday night Febraury 9th, 6-9pm @ Bherd Studios. http://www.bherdclothing.com/Upcoming_events.htm (You'll be able to find directions at the bottom of this web address) This is our first group show and we have some really good Seattle artists featured. I think that I have known about this show since the end of the summer, so it almost being here is really exciting. I hope everyone will be able to make it out to enjoy the libations, good time, and great artwork.
Take it easy and I'll talk to you soon.

(Thank you wind for not blowing out the power.)

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