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Monday, March 3, 2008

Donna Martin - NW Contemporary Abstract Artist

Donna considers her pen and ink drawings abstract/contemporary - the two featured here were done in 2007. She is a self taught artist currently living in Sammamsih, WA.

Both works are 9 x 12, watercolor quality paper-acid free.

If you're interested, she can have them framed and matted professionally when they are ordered that way. The cost Framed:$250, unframed $175.

She enjoys the boldness and the dramatic effects of black and white, and compositions that can be created with a simple line. Her art can be perceived as endless and many who have made comment or purchased a drawing have seen several different subjects in her art which she really enjoys. She was an avid fan of Picasso, who had a tremendous ability to take a simple line and create a canvas of beauty. Her drawings will always have some connection with life, music, water, and the beauty of the female, her curves, her crowning glory, her ability to produce and connect with life on many planes. There is usually a female or musical influence in her drawings.

Additional creations can be found on several internet sites:

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