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Monday, March 17, 2008

The Recap

It seems that everytime I am part of a show, or I am putting together a show, I wait to do everything at the last minute. And this time was not any different. With planning our 1st anniversary show, finishing paintings, taking a trip to San Francisco, framing paintings, prepping the studio for a show, and trying to remain sane, somehow Michele and I pulled through. (This painting above is called "Sherbert Flower". If you are looking for a home in the Seattle area and John Osgood original artwork to with it, talk to me, I know people.)

This is part of a mural that I began before Michele and I went to S.F.,for my friends bar - The Dray, it opening soon! (Towards the end of the blog you will be able to see the finished deal.)

This is a shot of a San Franciscan street. On our tour de S.F. we didn't get out of the car. So these were the shots that I was getting.

This was the car that we drove home in. Michele was sick while we were there. We were going to fly home, but have you ever seen someone in an airplane with a sinus infection - it's not pretty. The person is in a lot of pain. So we drove home and I was alright with that. I've never been on a road trip until this and with this Mack Daddy Mustang, oh yeah, it was business time!

This is the night before the show and I might be cracking just a little. We got home from S.F on Monday night. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thurday were all framing days. After that is when I had time to actually finish a few pieces. I think this was around 12:30am on Saturday morning. I was just finishing up on the shoes that I was painting.

The person that got these are pretty lucky!

The orange and brown piece on the left is a piano seat. I sanded away the highlights of the face and then did black, orange, and white. I paid a little more attention to the eyes and boom, frame that baby!

This piece is called "Release", 3ft x 2ft Arcylic and spray paint on canvas. This was one of the last pieces that was I working on before the show.

This is the Dray. It's a new bar that should be opening next week or maybe the week after that. The bar is put together and just waiting for all of the health codes and plumbing codes to pass and then the demise of my life will happen. They open around 8am and they serve coffee, paninis, beer, and wine.


The inside of the Dray.

And this is the mural that I put in the Dray's bathroom. A dray is a squirrel's nest and an old-school wagon that brought kegs to bars. Hence the reason for the squirrel.

So that's the recap. It seems like more happened within the last two weeks, and it probably did. I just didn't take a neat picture to write a caption for it. Now my focus is the "Stick 'em Up!" show which is happening on the 5th of April and to work on finishing the ever growing pile of paintings that I have started.

If you didn't get a chance to come to the shop during the show we will be open Wed- Fri. 12-6pm. We will have this show up until the beginning of April and the paintings that we have left will be up. I just can't guarentee that there will be any beer left.

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