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Sunday, June 15, 2008


This is a recent project that I have been working on with my frined Dean Hudgins. I originally met Dean through a mutual friend. We started throwing around some ideas and I asked him if he could help me make a mask. He said no problem and invited me into his studio. I hadn't worked with ceramics since I was in middle school, so it took a bit for me to get my sea legs about working with clay again. But once I was in the thick of things, I couldn't stop thinking about working with clay and putting together our next project. When Dean and I started this project together, so many ideas started popping up. Working with Dean at his studio created a new resurgence of inspiration for myself. Right now we are working on a series of masks and we are planning to have a show in October to display the new works.

(The picture above are pieces that Dean and I made. Dean made the top one and I made the bottom one.)

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