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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Artopia Recap

Well if you missed Artopia yesterday you only have to wait another 364 days until the next one. What a fun experience this event was! But let me give you the full detail of the whole day. So the night before, Michele was on her way home from Canada. After being in her rental car for about 6 hours, with a 2 hour wait at the border, and a drive down to SeaTac to drop the car off, needless to say she was exhausted. So sleeping in the next morning was not on the plans, but it happened. So being a little behind the eight ball all morning made us (me) forget a a few minor details. But not worry we got through the day unscathed. 10 o'clock and Michele and I start to set up in our zone in Georgetown. We had the tent up, clothes folded, paintings hung, and the shoes that I have been painting on were front and center.

This is a picture of our set up and our first few customers.

As the day rolled on more and more people kept piling through our zone. If you are a people watcher this would have been the day for you. There were so many different and unique people walking about. I really feel like a fielded a lot of good questions about Bherd Studios and about my art work in general.

So after awhile of painting on shoes and talking to people about Bherd Studios I decided that I need to tour the area and see what was going around me. With a handful of flyers for our next show, "Spray It, Don't Say It", I went over to Dope Emporium and checked out the Hip Hop area. Spoken word, free stylist, graffitist, and more great people watching. I didn't stay long because I knew Michele was by herself, but I am glad that I checked that area out. Later in the day I saw one of the guys that was help run the Artopis event, Gabe. I told him that I would have loved to have been a part of the live graffiti. He told me that there was a trailer one more block away from from the Dope Emporium where people were working and from the handful of people that were suppose to work on the trailer only two showed up. He told me that I should go over there and work on it. And guess what, I had spray paint with me. And this is what I threw up.

This was my first real attempt at doing graffiti and the cool thing was there was this guy that I was talking to who had been doing graffiti for awhile. I kept asking him questions and he was giving me some real good constructive criticism. Which I really appreciated. Without some of the advice that he gave me I would have looked a little more green than I already was.
So after about 10 hours in the sun Michele and I called it a night, packed up what we had left, and went home to air conditioning and nice cold glass of Reisling. We also watched this movie called "Across the Universe". It's musical with only Beatles song and it was a pretty powerful movie. It kind of explained some of the songs that the Beatles made along with the time frame they were made in.
All in all yesterday was a great day. Sun, art, and getting the word out about Bherd Studios.

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Astronaut versus Cosmonaut said...

the person spray-painting the trailer didn't happen to be Ezra the baldman himself, did it? if so, we eat pies with him every sunday.

~~~ moony