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Monday, December 29, 2008

Found Urban Art by JOAB

JOAB was up to his old tricks tonight and this time I thought I would document his shenanigans.

He told me the other night that he had left another piece out on the street for someone to find and I told him then, he should let me at least document the pieces he's leaving out. He's been setting them out in our neighborhood on Greenwood Ave N. We saw a guy from our condo window walking down the street with one of JOAB's pieces under his arm yesterday. I think I could see the smile on the guys face from my 4th story view.

The found art leaving our new home...

Down the Ave...

And to the sweet spot.

I'm free, someone take me home please!


ninjagrl said...

awesome :) maybe we could go out freearting sometime!

schwag said...

I love the 'free arting' concept. I think this needs to be picked up on video. Possibly some instructions on the back outlining how the recipient could pay it forward. Could we coin the phrase Frart?

Cupcake said...

i'm SO hip to Frart. Revolution here we come!