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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Paris Toasting Graffiti Artists with "Tag" Exhibition

Arts Brief from the NY Times:
It’s not quite the same as having one of your paintings in the Louvre, but a French exhibition, above, is enhancing the international recognition of graffiti artists. Among those honored in the show, called “Tag,” at the Grand Palais in Paris, are four New York pioneers who have been active since the 1970s: Toxic, Quik, Seen and Rammellzee, the last of whom showed up for an opening event in a Darth Vader-style mask. Read more...

"Grand Palais of Paris Opens Exhibition of Graffiti" from The Times
Spot the paradox: The French state spends tens of millions of euros a year prosecuting and cleaning up after vandals who deface public property with graffiti. Yesterday, in the Grand Palais of Paris, it opened one of the world’s most ambitious exhibitions of . . . graffiti. Read more...

So here is the important question: anyone up for flying over to check it out?

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