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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Screen-printing by hand at Bherd Studios

When you buy that t-shirt in the store--whether it shows your favorite sports team or some other mass manufactured name brand--you must wonder how that image got on that shirt. While I don't know how a big company might do it, today I learned how John does it - and how anyone could do it right out of their own house.

Today began with plastic transfers of some images that are ultimately going to be used as a wheatpasting project for a piece of artwork for "urban constructions" in January. With three lamps fastened to chairs, John showed me how to expose the images onto the screen. Atop this "OSGOOD" sweatshirt, we exposed the screen to the light of the bulbs, exposing everything not covered by the black lines of the plastic transfer.

After that we finished the printing process by running paint over our exposed screen. With smooth black fabric paint, a health insurance card, and a long screen squeegee, we spread layer upon layer of black paint through the screen and onto our paper. The end product, after some practice and some mistakes, yielded these printed images.

Above are pieces that Kevin "Sensei23" Sullivan, Zachary Bohnenkamp, and Cash donated to the project.

Andy Wong, Intern
Bherd Studios

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