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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"We Built This To Leave" at Vermillion: Fri, Nov 6

You are invited to attend the opening reception for the exhibition "We Built This To Leave" by Sharon Arnold, Ryan Molenkamp and Trevor Johnson at Vermillion gallery.

Friday November 6th, from 6-11pm

Artwork by Ryan Molenkamp

Plus Musical performance by The Western Cup at 8pm

We Built This To Leave

This show speaks to the obsessive creator in all of us. From our youngest memory of playing with blocks to the daily compartmentalization of our lives we are always building, organizing, and making something new. Each artist in this show explores what we are so busy building, why we are compelled to do so, how those creations impact the environment, and what becomes of the left over materials.

Trevor Johnson's formal exploration of discarded Styrofoam packing materials speak to the reuse of objects that would otherwise be landfill. The improvisational methods used to create his sculptures may seem akin to playing with blocks, but their elegant compositions show a mature consideration for building that can only come from practice.

Sharon Arnold's pieces exhibit the work of an artist whose focus is process itself. Her obsessive works allude to both individual and industrial labor. The resulting sculptures and drawings carry a sense of time and effort put in by the laborious, repetitive efforts of the artist.

Ryan Molenkamp's paintings vary in their approach from seemingly harmonious explorations of structured forms inhabiting landscape to more perilous scenes of conflict between man-made structure and environment.

Vermillion is located at 1508 11th Ave, Seattle
Show dates: November 3rd-29th
Tue-Sun 4pm-10pm/close

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