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Monday, May 24, 2010

PimpArtworks Limited Editions goes Live‏

PimpArtworks, a London-based Urban & Street Art on-line gallery, are proud to announce the launch of their new Signed & Numbered, Limited Edition prints section.

This new section will be ran side by side to the site’s Open Submission art community and showcases exclusive works by Street Artist’s from around the world. Including a couple of pieces by our own, John Osgood of Bherd Studios.

Each large artwork is on average limited to 30 prints, supplied with a genuine certificate of authenticity and has been priced affordably.

About PimpArtworks:

PimpArtworks is a brand new community website dedicated to Graffiti Art, Urban Art, Street Photography Art and all other forms of Urban Artwork. They provide graffiti, street and urban artistic talents a global platform to sell their artworks online and get them exposure & recognition. Whether you are looking to buy graffiti art, browse street art, sell urban art, or simply be inspired by urban and street art then PimpArtworks is the place. It is their vision to cultivate a new breed of up and coming talents, as well as encouraging existing urban artists and urban photographers by creating a direct interaction between themselves and their appreciative audience.

Within the vibrant PimpArtworks community you'll find a mixture of traditional and digital art styles including street photography, graffiti art, stencil graffiti, guerrilla art and blackbook sketches, capsulated in each artist's very own digital art gallery.

To visit their website go to: www.pimpartworks.com

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