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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"A Sign of the Times": Kellie Talbot & John Osgood

Seattle contemporary artists Kellie Talbot & John Osgood explore the changing shape of our economic times in "A Sign of the Times" opening this Friday, May 14th at 6pm. Talbot deftly captures and documents the lost craftsmanship of American artifacts and meticulously replicates the deterioration and faded glory of past times. Conversely, Osgood in his quirky, bold palette delves into the emotional side of the economic downturn. Both artists create their work using bright colors and memorable images from Talbot’s oil on canvas Seattle PI signage, to Osgood’s acrylic & spray, wood cut-out angels down on their luck. The exhibit opening is in conjunction with the 15th Annual Greenwood-Phinney Art Walk. For a map, please visit: http://www.greenwoodphinneyartwalk.com/

by Kellie Talbot
24" x 24"
Oil on Canvas

by Kellie Talbot
5" x 5"
Oil on Canvas

About the Artist:

Kellie Talbot was born in Hawaii and as a daughter of a career marine lived on both coasts growing up.

Her first jobs, in a print shop and as a sign painter, developed her love of typography and design.

Kellie moved to Seattle in 1989 and finished school in the design program at Seattle Central Community College. After graduation, she worked as the graphic designer for Cornish College of the Arts.

Since 1993 Kellie has worked extensively as an illustrator and designer for the snowboard industry in addition to being the Art Director for Signal Snowboards since its inception in 2003.

She is currently represented by Bherd Studios Gallery & LaFamilia Gallery in Seattle.

She lives in Ballard with her husband, a duck and their six toed cat.

"I'd Help You #4"
by John Osgood
2'x 3.5'
Acrylic & Spray on Wood Cut-Out

About the Artist:

John Osgood is an urban contemporary artist and muralist who grew up in Edmonds, Washington. He graduated with a BA from WSU with a minor in Fine Arts. He is a 2008 Artist Trust Edge Graduate; was selected in 2009 by the Arts Council of Snohomish County as their poster artist for their annual “Fresh Paint” art festival and most recently was selected along with another team member of Seattle Mural Art to attend Upfest, the largest Urban Art Festival in Europe (they are only 2 of 5 artists representing the US in Bristol, UK). Osgood has shown in multiple galleries in Seattle and the state such as ArtsWest, Halogen Gallery, Twilight Artist Collective, Chase Gallery, Centennial Center Gallery and outside of the area in California and Florida.

Osgood paints idiosyncratic characters with a bold palette in a graffiti art style. His collection of colorful & odd characters are inspired by life and the uncomfortable, forlorn and many times humorous circumstances that happen within it. Osgood was recently recognized in a feature story in the Seattle Times for his mural work (along with 2 other artists) on a transformational memorial mural in Greenwood after the neighborhood was targeted by an arsonist. He also has interior & exterior murals sprinkled in other neighborhoods around the city. Osgood is the co-owner (along with his wife) of a studio and gallery called Bherd Studios in the Greenwood neighborhood where he curates shows monthly for other up and coming PNW contemporary artists.

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