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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Brit ka POW: Featuring UK Artist Daniel Lumbini

“A Small Study of Desire”
by Daniel Lumbini
35” x 28”
Oil, Aerosol & Tempura on Canvas


As part of our "Urban Portraiture" exhibit that runs through Fri, July 2nd, we currently have a special guest artist in our gallery, UK artist, Daniel Lumbini. We wanted to feature his piece "A Small Study of Desire" as our POW (piece of the week). Lumbini has shown his work outside of the UK in New York, and for the first time, is showing his work in Seattle. I find his work reminiscent of Conor Harrington with clear detailed images mixed in with loose and out of focus strokes. Please feel free to come by and see his work in person, we have 3 more pieces of his on exhibit. The gallery is open: Wed - Fri from noon-6pm and by appointment by calling (206) 234-8348.

Artist Statement:

My work is a contradiction of everything I've been taught: when you're a kid you're told not to paint outside of the lines; when you're all grown up they tell you things in real life done have any outlines. So I guess my work could be best described as a contradiction of everything I don’t know…

This probably explains my interest in playing with the formula of the human figure and experimentation of human physical awkwardness, as much as I’m keen to bare our psychological flaws. Nothing says imperfection like people and their baggage, myself included, and I guess my style of painting leaves my own flaws exposed also…

My awkwardness and lack of attention to detail is what I hope I’ll be remembered for.


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