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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Seattle Artists John Osgood & Zach Bohnenkamp at Upfest in Bristol, UK

After several hours of travel anyone and everyone has a point where they can no longer go. That was me when I got the hostel I was staying at. I needed a bed, a floor, something to lay on. I arrived just a bit early though. Check in was a 3pm and it was only 1pm. So I ditched my bag and told myself to do 2 hours of exploring. I got about an hour into looking around and turned back and went back to the hostel, which was adjoined with a bar, and had a few drinks. Finally I got into my room and crashed. After about 17 hours of sleep, I got a knock on the door and Zach & Kendra showed up. These were our first pints, all together, of many over the week we were there...

Zach and Kendra showed up and they were ready to roll. They rallied and kept on trucking. (Nice work you two!) The first place we went to was View Gallery. This gallery was showing a handful of the artist that were going to be a part of Upfest. This is also where we met Wild & Martyna. As they were outside I notice when Martyna was taking a picture she had a nice little blob on her camera. Similar to what Zach had on his. Zach went up and asked her about it, we all started talking, next thing you know we already had our BFF's of Bristol.

Martyna & Wilde

Another friend that we met was Jimmy, who acted as our tour guide for Saturday night. He found us a really nice place to eat and interesting people to talk to. Jimmy also introduced us to "Thatchers Cider". Jimmy, like Martyna and Wilde, was very generous, kind, and hospitable. That is one thing about Bristolians, they are nice people and willing to help.

This was our hostel. Our room was right over the bar (Awesome!). Some interesting fun facts about our room, matresses 2in thick & pillows filled with sand. And we were given a nice little treat on the last night we were there with Mr. Machine gun laugh sitting out on the patio right outside our room yuckin it up.

Here is the beginning of our piece. When we got there they informed us that we were given 8' x 12' instead of 8' x 8' which we planned for. More room, yes please.

Perspective finger point into the camera, a staple of John Osgood photo ops.

Finished deal. Cool thing about this piece is that the person that was suppose to be to left of our mural, never showed. So Zach and I collaborated with Rojo, from Spain. Working with Rojo was awesome. He let us use his stencil on our piece and it really pulled the pieces together.

Rojo and Zach Working away.

People chill'in at Upfest

Music was bump'in the whole time we were there. A lot of drum and bass and hip hop stuff.

K74 and GOIN collaboration

Julian Kimmings tore it up. I really like his work.

The blueish-gray piece is Rojos.

Another favorite of mine.

This was pretty money too.

This perspective cityscape was crazy!

Here's a slide show of Zach & My mural in progress:

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