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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

If you’re not in Greenwood this Friday night, people are gonna talk!

In case you didn’t know, we thought we should inform you that the official Seattle Urban Art Mecca is located in Greenwood. And we like to think that the catalyst is located in a unique historical building called The Greenwood Collective (8537 Greenwood Ave N). This Friday, there are more urban artists packed into The GC than you can shake a stick at!

Plus it’s “The Big One” – a 2-dayer artwalk that was instituted 16 years ago as the “Annual Art Walk”. Here is the run-down, plus some must-sees while you are in the neighborhood. Fri, May 13th from 6-10pm & Sat, May 14 from 12-5pm.

“Potluck” at Urban Light Studios, curated by one of our fav artists Solace and co-curated by one of our fav gallery neighbors Kevin Law. Equal parts group art show and food drive benefit all blended together and served HOT for a night to remember. A feast for the eyes, this food themed art show is sure to satisfy any appetite!

Featuring a diverse mix of paintings, photography and installations featuring iconic food related imagery from artists like 179, Quincy Quigg, Sensei 23, EGO, PGee13, Rob Ripley, Xavier Lopez, Kali Meadows, Carlos Aguilar, John Osgood, Joey Nix, Joe Vollan, Joseph “2h” McSween and more.

Donate $1 or bring a non-perishable food item for the Greenwood Food Bank. Raffle drawings will take place on Friday, May 13th at 8:00pm, 9:00pm and 10:00pm in the MainSpa@ce at URBAN LIGHT STUDIOS. Win prizes from sponsors like Vans Shoes, Boundary Bay Brewery (Bellingham), Snowboard Connection, Mighty-O-Donuts, Nectar Lounge, Scream Salon, Family Fortune Clothing, Electric Coffin, Paper Diamonds Clothing as well as featured art work from participating artists.

(sub)Urban at Bherd Studios Gallery. Seattle artists Greg Boudreau, Kate Protage and Kellie Talbot’s work explores the urban landscapes throughout the Seattle area and beyond. Each artist uses photography as the starting point to their paintings, but come to a very different conclusion with their finished pieces. Talbot’s work deftly captures and documents the lost craftsmanship of American artifacts and signage and meticulously replicates the deterioration and faded glory of past times. Boudreau utilizes an excruciatingly long process of photographing and separating out the multiple layers of his photographs and hand cuts each of them into a stencil, using aerosols to recreate the scene. While Protage takes the best pieces of her photographs, melds them together and uses them to create evening cityscapes that give the viewer a hauntingly familiar feel.

GRAND OPENING of The Showroom @Bherd Gallery. Featuring Zach Bohnenkamp, Justin Kane Elder, Jesse Link, Siolo Thompson and John Osgood. The Showroom seeks to assist promising emerging artists in growing and strengthening their creative process and further promoting their work to a wider audience on a regular basis. The Showroom affiliate program features PNW urban contemporary artists in a new space located across from Bherd Gallery inside The Greenwood Collective. This months exhibit will be a salon style show introducing all the new affiliates for The Showroom. So please stop by and check out the brand new venue and meet the artists.

Also @The GC:

Echo Echo Gallery
: featuring new work from Dear Earthling, Chris Olson, Andy Kline & Xavier Lopez, Jr.

Band Vibes x Better Friends: featuring work from Seattle illustrator and designer, Derek Sullivan.

MUST SEES while you are in the neighborhood:

Across the street from The GC, Bherd Gallery curates at Gainsbourg. This month’s featured artist is Thomas Krueger.

"Twins" by Thomas Krueger
Limited Ed. Lith Photo Print

Thomas uses a very difficult and laborious process to develop his photographs called Lith printing. This process limits the number of prints that can be developed and also makes each print just slightly different. He believes his photography is a way to visually reveal what truly lies within the refuse of the world. And he attempts to expose the hidden beauty of the forgotten; as well as communicating a yearning for order within this chaotic and corruptible world. His work captures a feel of long lost memories, ones that percolate up in a flash from some deep cavern in your brain.

Heading South up Greenwood Ave N

Stop by Terra Bella Flowers (8417 Greenwood Avenue N.) and see the nature inspired work of Debbie Bianchi (also a Bherd Gallery artist currently showing at Gene Juarez in downtown).

You can’t miss stopping in and saying hello to our friends at THE YARD (8313 Greenwood Avenue N). They are having an open house so you can check out their new digs, soon to be opening. (Same owners as The Dray – yes, they are clever wordsmiths too!) And we heard they are showing some work from metal artists (no, not headbangers, silly!).

And of course we save the best for the last…
We love TASTY! (7513 Greenwood Avenue N)

Tasty will feature encaustic paintings by Joel Scholten and a group exhibition to include 12 *lucky* local artists. Take Flight artists are: Narboo, Chris Sheridan, Deviant Décor, Gina Nash, Jennevieve Schlemmer, Jesse Link, John Osgood, Krista Jefferson, Larry Stauffer, Lisa Lamoreaux, Pam Man, Rebecca Dickenson and Sylvie-marie Drescher.

To see all the listings for “The Big One” visit: http://www.greenwoodphinneyartwalk.com/

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