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Thursday, May 19, 2011

(Sub)Urban Featuring Greg Boudreau, Kellie Talbot, & Kate Protage

Well the opening night show has come and gone and it was a great evening filled with a lot of familiar faces and a bunch of new people. So thank you to everyone who came out to the event! Below is a piece from each artist from the show. In this grouping of artist we have a collective concept of space, places, and area. The neat idea about those things is how the artist all got there. All the artist reference photographs that they all took. The ability to capture ideas, the correct thought provoking ideas, through photos, and to be able to manipulate, couple, and use the photos, is something that all the artist do differently. The ability to go from photos, to objects that are painted on, and the path the artist took to get there, is something that we said these artist all have unique abilities of accomplishing.

Greg Boudreau, an artist out of the Capitol Hill area, I believe has given up sleep to continuously work. He fills the majority of his studio with tables to accomplish the cutting and spraying that he does to the salvaged wood frames that he creates. His ability to find his canvas, capture his image, and to create pieces is mind bending. I really enjoy seeing the color that he uses to delineate space and light.

"1st and Union"
60" x 44"
Aerosol on Salvaged Wood

Kellie Talbot, an artist working out of the Ballard area, is very organized. Michele and I have a definitely learned a few things from her to make our ship run way more smooth. One of her first jobs was working as a sign painter. That is where she fell in love with typography and letters. Her ability to capture old decrepit and decaying neon and light bulb signs is one of her signatures. Her perspective painting of relic signs invites you to wonder about time and the worn.

"Big Bridge"
48" x 60"
Oil on Canvas

And Kate Protage, who is working out of the Pioneer Square area (619 Western to be exact)is very process oriented, passionate, and knowledgeable about art and the creation of. I know that I have learned a few things from her from recent critiques and from just being around her when she is in the act of creating. I think her ability to create abstraction and color sensitive blurs is decisive. With a wide range of sizes and color combination containing movement and perception, Kate's work is very inviting for connoisseur of art.

"Close To Home #3(Admiral)
36" x 48"
Oil on Panel

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