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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Are you ready to "Stick'em Up!" ?

So we just got the rest of the artwork in for our "Stick'em Up" show yesterday and with what we received from Soopajdelux, Soule, and Ninjagirl (and I am showing my artwork as well) this is going to be a pretty cool show. We've got free cd's and magazines to give away and we will have a "Make Your Own Sticker" area so you can throw up your own two cents up on our wall of street art. Also to let you know, this show has some very reasonable prices. Buying something from this show will not break the bank and you will be buying something really unique. You'll be going away from this show saying "Wow, I did not know that a sticker show was going to be like that! I had a few drinks, I bought a cool piece of art, and I fulfilled my desire to deface public property by throwing up my own sticker."

Hopefully after you leave this show you will be filled with a different sense of what street art is. Sometimes what is out there is rushed crap by juveniles out to destroy property. If you look around you will start to see gems hidden amongst our landscape.

Alright, who's in!?

Saturday April 5th, 5-9pm

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