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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bridge Motel Redux + 21 Seattle Artists in Fremont

"Waiting #2"
Acrylic & Spray on Wood
4' x 16'

Above is a piece that John is working on for the new townhouse project that went up where the old Bridge Motel was. (The photo of the piece is split into four and photoshopped back together due to the size of the entire piece.) If anyone attended the last night before the Bridge Motel was demoed, you'll remember that there was a HUGE art party with multiple artists who created installations and perfomance art throughout the property.

To bring back a flavor of that warm memory and to support & promote local artsts, the new townhouse project has scheduled 21 artists to participate in the opening of their urban sustainable living space. To see the new site and find out more about their sustainable building practices visit: http://johnstonarchitects.com/bridge_way.html

The opening will coincide with Fremont First Friday Art Walk on April 3 and close with the Art Walk on May 1

If you missed the Bridge Motel party, here's a couple links:

Here's a finished piece called "Paper Airplane" by John that will be going up for the new project.

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