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Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Update

So it has been a while since I have put together an update to let everyone know what has been going on. I haven't done this because both Michele and I have been busy as sin with a plethora of things. First off we got married about three weeks ago. Right after that instead of relaxing and taking some time off we decided to see how busy we could keep ourselves. We had our photography show to get ready for, we started our silk screening classes, and we had a few tutorails ( silk screening & graffiti ) for a couple of different high schools. On top of that we were doing thank you cards, art work needed to be created, and our cat told us she needed to be loved a little more than she what she was getting.

I recently found this gem over by A&C Art Supply in the U. District. It is right off I-5 on 45th going east. (Take you first right and then it's on you right after the parking lot.

This is a shot of where I am showing some artwork until June. The place is called Imigri Marketing. They are an all in one studio that includs sound proof booth for audio tracks, large rooms with sikes, rooms for meetings, and pretty much what ever you need for your market adventures. They are on Dexter, which is the east side of Aurora, parallel to the EMP, down by the Science Center.

Every once in awhile I like to show people what my work station looks like. As you can see that I have all of the bare essentials for my line of work. You've got drawers full of paint, jars of paint brushes, something to mix paint in, a little bit of spray paint, and a tall boy of Rainier

The next few shots are of my newest creations. I call this one "Native".

This is a picture of a box that I received from the USPS. It contained 5 framed pictures that were going up for our photography show. Luckily nothing was broke on the inside. But if you ever want something that is breakable to to be sent across the country and you don't really care if it gets there in one piece...

This is Aaron Last. He is a photgrapher, a Rainier consumer, and an all around sharp individual.

This was the band that rocked the house the other night. The Seth Paul Band.


..And kisses


jon and nichole said...

congrats on the wedding john!! im so happy that you have found someone to complete you and makes you smile! i know that we probably wont see one another, especially since its been so long...but it would be nice!

miss ya!

Beau D. Simensen said...

Great update! Love the personal details mixed in. :)