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Monday, August 10, 2009

John Osgood: City Hostel Seattle Project- I'm Done With My Room

One week ago I was sitting in a room, in the new Seattle City Hostel with blank walls, a black conte crayon, and no clue to what I was going to do. But with time against me I didn't have time to be indecisive and I had to just get going and hope that something would come out. (Which I think it did). But as yesterday started I didn't know if my own personal goal of being done with the room was going to get accomplished because of one wrong turn.

I was on my way to the Twilight Artist Collective in West Seattle, (an amazing place to find artwork if you ask me), to drop of this piece for a show called "Stop Collaborate"...

...I took a wrong turn into downtown Seattle right in the middle of traffic (Mariner"s traffic). As I was making the worng turn and noticing the endless line of cars not moving infront of me I was wondering if I could throw my truck into reverse and get back onto the freeway. Which I didn't but it defintiely crossed my mind. So I sat there, mad as sin, with time on my hand to plan my next moves to get to the the collective. I want to say I was in the non moving line for about 30 minutes. (Note to self: try to avoid Mariners traffic at all cost.) But soon I was on my way and back in the world of moving traffic and trying to get to my destination. But that seemed like a whole other chore. I felt like Lewis or Clark trying to get over to West Seattle. But I did get stopped by this train and it is always nice to see someones work floating by.

So fast forward, I make it to the collective drop off my work and now onto the hostel where I the big list of things I need to do to be done awaits.

This was a very fun and enlightening project. I feel blessed to have worked with so many talented Seattle artist. From viewing how other people work, ideas about the Seattle art scene, and just making some new friends, the experience was well worth the hard work and time.

And at this time I'd like to give a shout out to my wife. If it wasn't for her I'd still be working like a dog trying to get things done. It definitely helped me in the long run and I could not have continued at the pace I was going if it wasn't for her. I love you Babe!

The entrance to my room.

A little past the entrance.

Bubbles, Red Beard grabbing stars.

The queen sized bed is going infront of the window.

Grabbing for stars.

Blower wishing upon the dandleheads.

Ceiling of stars. It was not easy painting those bad boys. 31 stars, 10 strokes to make a star, doing it twice to hide paint stroke, times 2 colors, equals 1240 paint stokes for the the stars alone (half of them upside down).

Now onto the next mural which I am doing at Halogen gallery which almost across the street from the Seattle City Hostel.


Go to the Flickr page to see more rooms: City Hostel Seattle


La Familia said...

Your room looks fan-flippen-tastic! also love the ad on the back of the city bus.

Matt Moon said...

That room is awesome, John! Good work - Matt Moon

ShawkWave said...

nice work Johnny, and of course mad props to the misses!