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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Urban Decay Exhibit Recap...

Our Urban Decay exhibit opening was on Friday, August 14th along with a bunch of other fabulous urban art events around the city. So if you happened to miss the show and still want to check out a stellar line-up of artists (some of which are national and international artists who have not shown in Seattle before) then you'll want to stop in before the end of August.

Hey, who was checking ID at this establishment, that kid is clearly way to young to be drinking beer!

Artwork by PaperMonster

Artwork by Aaron Kraten, Avive & Soule*
(from left to right)
*Soule is the curator for Urban Decay

Artwork by Koleszar & PaperMonster
(from left to right)

Artwork by Tim Kapler & Michelle Smith-Lewis
(from left to right)

Artwork by Jeff Ross

Artwork by Omino71, Mr. Klevra, Gurldogg & Tim Blackburn
Artwork in the case by Tim Kapler & Avive

The gallery is open Wed - Friday from 12pm-6pm and by appointment by calling Michele at (206) 234-8348.

Bherd Studios Gallery

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