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Monday, November 9, 2009

Kate Protage at Conor Byrne this Saturday

This Saturday, November 14th, is the Ballard Art Walk and Kate will have some work up at Conor Byrne Pub--come by and have a beer or a soda with her.

In a Seattle Weekly review in August, David Stoesz speaks of Protages recent works "The magic of the paintings lies in how a few sharp-edged blobs of paint can so economically transmit an atmosphere of nocturnal mystery, and so precisely indicate the side of a bus, a haze of light from a storefront, or a couple standing in the shadows."

It's a wonderful description of the talented hand behind the artwork. Don't miss seeing her this Saturday from 6-9pm!

Conor Byrne
5410 Ballard Ave NW.
Seattle, WA

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