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Monday, November 16, 2009

Urban Presence: Ego, Solace, CASH, Sensei23, Zach Bohnenkamp, Ninjagrl & Akimbo

The Urban Presence opening was great and to those of you who made it out - thank you! To those of you who missed it, you're in luck - the show is up until Wed, December 23rd and it's an evolving show that will include some newly rotated in work all by the same fabulous artists.

Just want to point out that artwork in this show starts at $30 and you can't go wrong for the holiday gift giving season to buy a one-of-a-kind original painting from a Seattle artist for your special loved one. We also can do lay-away!

Here are some photos of the exhibit...

Artwork by Zachary Bohnenkamp on the left
and by Ego on the right.

T-shirt by Solace "Family Fortune" brand

Artwork by Solace

Artwork by Solace

Artwork by Kevin "Sensei23" Sullivan

Artwork by Ninjagrl

Artwork by Cash

Artwork by John Osgood

The Gallery is open Wed - Fri from noon - 6pm and by appointment by calling (206) 234-8348

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