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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Seattle Urban Mural Artists "Add Spice" to Aurora

Zach Bohnenkamp & Kevin "Sensei23" Sullivan
snap some final picts of the ProSki Mural.

We were excited to see a recent article in the North Seattle Hearald Outlook feature the work of the new Matamuros + Bherd team at ProSki Shop on Aurora.

"Artists add 'spice' to Aurora with mural"
By Jessica Van Gilder
Staff Writer

Though it was their first artistic collaboration, once the tops of the spray cans were popped off, the visions of Bherd Studios Gallery artist John Osgood and Matamuros mural artists Kevin Sullivan and Zachary Bohnenkamp just clicked.

In under 15 hours, the three artists spray-painted a 20-by-40-foot mural for Seattle Pro Ski Service, 8954 Aurora Ave. N. - an urban mural complete with an abominable snowman, snowy mountains and the Seattle skyline.

"Actually, one of the best working experiences I had with somebody was this job," said Osgood of the collaboration. "We all have similar interests and style - where the light's coming from, color, compositions, lines. Everything sort of flowed together."

Read the rest of the article

The artists have teamed up and started a new website to continue to work together on future mural projects: SeattleMuralArt.com

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